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TeWo and Mosi - Generation whY? lyrics

[Verse 1: Mosi]

What are you?
What am I?
My screw is loose
You work to die?
What's a book?
You've never read one
What's a crook?
Do you feel conviction?
Do you question things?
How 'bout think for yourself?
Take any remedies? So, you checked every shelf?
You have more than one partner?
Well, do you not worry?
Any diseases? Well, do you think they will scurry?
What is the hurry?
Yo, do you see all this beauty?
Your picture is blurry
So, you need a new filter
You're wanting to fill her?
Nah, take care of her heart
You're wanting to hurt him?
Whoa, you're gonna rip him apart
Where is the starting line?
Tell me, where is the finish?
Do you have any dreams?
Let me guess, they all have diminished
Yo, Generation whY tell me (tell me)
Tell me what I do to help you (you)
You got me confused and make me lose hope
But I a**ume that you feel what I wrote


[Verse 2: TeWo]
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In the Penumbra of the Moon
Is this limbo? Equilibrium?
Physically, I don't know
Got a million questions at minimum
Listening all around
But I can only hear my thoughts
I'm floating, but I can't even feel my body
I'm at a loss
Was I tossed into this realm by a God?
Or was I dropped?
I can't talk
I can think
Is this insanity at its peak
The brink of something bigger than myself
Or do I need a shrink
I can't blink
I forgot if I need that stuff called food or drink
Ask our generation why?
Ex zealous, s** sellers, d**h dwellers
Hellish devils, I just seem them all as pebbles
No, what's wrong with me?
(No, wrong with them)
But don't I just reflect them?
Aren't we all just bits of stone that fell after our names were etched in?
(We are nothing)
That is true, but since nothing lasts forever
Each endeavor that our souls embark on pile up beyond measure
(That's whatever in the Grand Scheme, this generation's over
Most could hardly go a day without technology, let alone sober)
But we're all just moving forward
Nothing can stay the same
Why do previous generations hate youth when they're the ones to blame?
For all our downfalls, they raised us
We've been set up for sadness
There's madness all around, so why not revel in the chaos?

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