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TeWo and Mosi - Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon lyrics

*note: These lyrics will be annotated with [T] representing TeWo and [M] representing Mosi

[Verse 1: TeWo and Mosi]

[T] TripleRRR representing Capricorns and Libras
[M] Spitting sick and fire flame, giving you all fevers
[T] Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, you can't even see us
[M] Cosmic guardians deliver sounds that give you seizures

[Verse 2: TeWo]

Who? Non believers?
Show me the hole they're hiding in
A single line of mine and I will smash them with an iron fist
I'm the Dragon, you're the village, turn you to a fiery pit
Of ashes so black, you will never see the light again

[Verse 3: Mosi]

Iron fist when we drop, on your face, boom bop
Put the barrel to my temple, you gon' need more than two shots
'Cause I'm Neo the One, and I am very elusive
My mind is in the gutter and I'm rapping from the sewage

[Verse 4: TeWo and Mosi]

[T] I'm attacking you with music, and by you, I mean my enemies
No place to run or hide, so don't even attempt to flee

[M] Especially 'cause we specialize in human hunting
Who you bumping? TripleRRR is always up to f**ing something

[T] We are up and f**ing coming, I am sorry to the runner ups
Sorry for the s**erpunch, our movement got a ton of us

[M] Motherf**s better recognize these legendary entities
Futuristic, hip hop headed Martians of the century

[T] It's starting to come all together
We've been artists since before Christ
When revolution starts, they gon' start taking more lives

[M] Swords rise, as we unite inside with the fusion
Gotanks, here to wipe every illusion

[Pre-hook: TeWo and Mosi]

[T] Everything we
[M] Spit is raw
[T] Mighty just like
[M] Amun Ra]
[T] It goes, it goes, it goes, it goes

[T] Guillotine you to smithereens, and then fill up your wounds with Listerine
[M] You ain't sh** but a micro centipede, trip you out like dimethyltryptamine
[M] You kidding me? I'ma run up and dump a bunch of punches on your grill
[T] You feelin' me? I'm a son of a gun, I'ma run sh** when I'm on the bill

[M] Willingly, we are lyrically leaving you all obliterated
[T] No sympathy, just victory, 'cause me and my brother will be the greatest

[Hook: TeWo and Mosi]

[T + M]

(Now) We disintegrating anybody in our way
Dissipate the negative and now we're seeing better days
MIA is what you'll be when you battle with the Gods
We exposing all corrupt and we are tracking down the frauds
Ma**ive third eye sharp, tripping acid when it's dark
You can hear it in the rhyme pattern, pa**ion in the art
Pa**ion's where it starts and then it all starts to evolve
Get a mix of fate and destiny and then you hear your call

[Verse 5: TeWo and Mosi]

[T] Y'all motherf**ers never even heard the likes of us Gods
[M] Y'all s**as s**, when we burn you all like Adolf
[T] Uhhh, Ho Chi Minh, I be tearing up your city
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[M] 'Cause, oooh, it's grim, we Stalin all committees
[T] Mussolini on you pussies, then I go so damn insane
[M] Kim Jong Un, starving you, we eat the whole game
[T] Controlling psychedelic hip hop like a dictatorship
[M] Alienistic fools give you joy some come and savor it

[Verse 6: TeWo]

Play this sh** on repeat
Wack rap we defeat
Mind, body, soul, bruh you know I'm talking three 3s
Release me into the atmosphere, call it climate change
Lining up you s**a MCs on a firing range
Four at a time, then burn the bodies after
'95 until infinity I'm more than just a rapper
I'm a psychedelic creature, with features of an alien
Bump this sh** a thousand times before you hit play again

[Verse 7: Mosi]

Crouching Tiger, golden soul, millenniums ahead of ya
I severed off the skull, that which is the head of the
Man named John the Baptist, and any other rival
Dead on arrival, it is vital, no change of survival
Grimy, I be gritty
I be gutting all you infidels
Sending body parts to mommy, she be getting instant mail
Never fail, never die, we always keep on moving
We will never stop this sh** until all of our theories proven

[Verse 8: TeWo and Mosi]

[T] Not many compare to us
You know there ain't no scaring us
Wack rap and trap rap is just like splitting hairs to us

[M] Staring at us like we are some super lucid mutants
Smashing all the wack rap with a bat so we can stop the nuisance

[T] Yo, f** being a victim, so I'm screaming f** the system
Bump this up within your system and you'll be re-upped with wisdom

[M] We be having 5D visions, leave you bleeding apple crimson
Have relief within my prism, dropping ba** just like Excision

[T] Still get hate for what we're spittin'
[M] Anticipate the Indigo children
[T] Blowing brains, with lyrical brilliance
[M] Leave no stains, we are resilient

[T] When the music hits your p**y drips
[M] Give me aqua lucid Lucy drips
[T] Lucid dream and lose my sh**
[M] Well who the King? Not you, ya b**h

Holding (up the) castles
(We got) archers (at the) ready
(Yin and) Yang are (moving) quickly
(In the) darkness (going) steady

[M] Like machete with our lyrics, we hack you cunts into (pieces)
My thesis, is that you greet us like we are (Jesus)

[T] Believe this, will change every continent that it (reaches)
Please just get off of my dick until we re(lease this)

[Verse 9: TeWo and Mosi]

[T] The Genius, the Monster, the Dragon, the Tiger
The Yin and the Yang, he's the ice, I'm the fire
Yo, we'll never retire
Our next lives will prosper though
You brainwashed motherf**ers f**ing up and now you lost your soul

[M] Ferocious feline and a cunning reptilian
Two one of a kinds who are showing lyrical brilliance
k**ing this, like we are the shooters up at Columbine
I'm jumping on your spine, pimp slapping every single concubine

[T] Murdering enemies is what's on my mind, don't ever put past me
[M] Never ahead of me and or my time, I shoot to k** and blast thee

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