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TeWo and Mosi - Cocoon To Butterfly lyrics

[Verse 1: Mosi]

No destination I was feeling really lost
Locked up in the darkness, felt like I'm on a cross
Felt the need to run across in the middle of the warfare
Running blindly, but I can feel the lord stare
Swept off my feat and carried to a haven
Where I'm talking to the lord, and then I see a raven
Fly down, land on my shoulder, lord is saying
The end of the old, and new of the beginning
It then came clear, I was in a metamorphosis
I unplugged like another n***a Morpheus
Everything had changed
And everything is different
My eyes, mind, soul all change in an instant
Realize everything isn't what it really is
Everything is up to you, for you have the choice
Chase down the dream or let it go to waste
Either way, up to you, you are in control

[Verse 2: ILLMITCH]

Realization from a deep sleep
Been through the pain believe thee
Look in the mirror and I see me
Not all the problems and the woes that bring heat
And all the demons, it starts with a CB
Vigilant and positive
It's my mission to spread over continents
To aide the great escape out of this dark realm
Listen to your heart even when you're in hell
I've cocooned into the butterfly well
Showing no emotion so how could you tell
At least I progress
At times I'm a mess
But I am defeating the stress and I do it with love 'cause I learned from the best
In a place obsessed with the GMO's
ILLMITCH, Mosi and Te dash Wo
Collecting the conscious, these more than just flows
Straight to your third eye this energy goes
It's imperative we need change
Speak the truth and relieve pain
Clear your fears and your disdain
Chase your dreams with no refrain
Do whatever it takes, keep your energy increasing
Even when it's dense, for the light keep seeking
'Cause all of us Gods, we ain't said it enough
And I'm seeing my future while setting it up
And it's hard to duck the subliminal punch
Working so hard to be living it up
Is it music or pa**ion?
No way that I'm giving it up
Yeah, we say this to help you
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Yeah, we say this to help you
What do your guardians tell you?
Your three guardians tell you
What do they tell you?

[Verse 3: TeWo]

What's d**h but the transfer of energy?
I forget who or when that was said to me
I just hope when my energy enters the next body that its mind will remember me
Time is remedy
I remember the times tryna find my identity
Telling myself I would find it eventually
Everything coming from mind was depressing me
My insides are electrically charged
And my lack of REM sleep is affecting me
Deep in my entity became a pessimist
But all that need is irreverence
Irreverence mixed with some exodus
Exodus minus the Biblical reference
Irreverence for any president
Anyone thinking that weed isn't medicine
And authority figures in general
Always distorting the image
The centerfold covered in nothing but carcinogenics for pineal glands and all things intellectual
Treating the vegetable seeding with chemicals
And they got us thinking it's edible
I'm spreading the wings of a butterfly
Letting it fly every time that my pen unfolds
Stories were never told like this before
I experience life through the window of a rabbithole
Animal instinct, I'm past that
Waiting for the populace to match that
Alien instinct, the antidote to anything like anthrax
If you wanna be happy then you gotta face the sad facts
We're a flower that's waiting to bloom
Society's still stuck inside its cocoon
Wasting away while we're waiting for doom
I wander and wonder which way do we choose
We could weave in and out of a war
Or wave a white flag and just focus on saving the schools
I'll say it again because nothing is simple
Or is it simple to think nothing's simple
Or to put any meaning to symbol
I think about that and could be stuck in limbo
I'm reading the mental blueprints of our race through your temple
And now I just see why we're crippled
Each of our problems we feed with a pistol
Selling your soul, they just need the initials
Telling you that you're an ant on this planet
Cocoon to a butterfly, queen to a minstrel
I'm speaking to every single conscious mind
I'm begging you to evolve even a little

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