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TeWo and Mosi - Aura Borealis lyrics

[Verse 1: TeWo]

Where seeing is believing
Where we don't need a reason
To be hiding all our feelings
It's a good thing, I met you here
'Cause otherwise I wouldn't
You are in another realm
Girl, there is not another woman
That is like you
I could never front in front of you
But honesty I'm speaking, I am not like any other dude
It's true, they say that opposites attract
It's magnetic the connection that is obviously past
Nothing but friendship, you're a blessing
Damn, you're stunning, effervescent
I would run all through the desert
Just to see you for ten seconds
You're impressive
The way that you drop knowledge got me jaw dropped
Maybe it is meant to be, maybe that's a long shot
Thinking 'bout non stop
And all of our long talks
Maybe I can take control, or maybe you'll be on top
sh**, I just see you in the darkest skies
Every time I look at you it's like I have some hearts for eyes
And hopefully my presence in your mental only multiplies
And we can run away, because it's hard being an adult sometimes
I wrote these rhymes to put into words
The way you make me smile at night
Looking in your eyes is just like seeing ultraviolet light
And if I die tonight
Just know that we will meet again
Our next lives are coming and we know that's a repeating trend
2:22, on the clock, that's the time
Too much beauty in two seconds that two souls are intertwined
It's sublime

[Verse 2: Mosi]

Damn, so much comes to mind when I think about you
Wanna say thank you 'cause you taught me not to be so doubtful
Hey love, have I said I love your face?
Have I told you you're the only one for me
You cannot be replaced
The taste of you is like ecstasy and nirvana
Your brain makes me amazed and then it goes and takes me on a trip far more intense than any psychedelic
I'ma make your dreams come true, around the world we gonna sail it
Your aura flaring bright, like aurora borealis
Our love so strong, we taking any storm thrown at us
I'm glad it's you, my radiant cosmic soul mate
Love's completely dead is only what them foolish fools say
It exists
That one kiss, that I'm craving so much as I pull your hips
This is it, your sweet kiss that makes me feel uplift
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I always miss your presence and your mind
For they are more than gifts

[Verse 3: TeWo]

It's sublime when you caught my eyes
So I'ma get lost in yours
Old wounds have been cauterized
And now I'm at a loss for words
You are so pure, your third eye gleams
Your other two are filled with beams
Of energy and light, so much that you inspired a million dreams
A billion things have crossed my mind to sum up your entirety
Nobody really knows it, including you, that's the irony
But I believe in things
That most the general public doesn't
This song is about your aura
But my words don't do it justice
I would much rather discuss it
With my inner self a bit
'Cause we're the only people that will rid me of that selfish sh**
And no one else can tell me sh**
But you, baby
There hasn't been much else on my mind
But you, lately

[Verse 4: Mosi]

It feels like we've been together for a couple centuries
Steady tripping like the years we have together will be plenty
You're my biggest inspiration
And you redefined all beauty
You're gorgeous, stunning, majestic
And most definitely a cutie
Royally rare and most certainly one of a kind
You're more than a dime
So high that I will go and climb
Guam or even Everest
Or I will go plunge deep
Going in the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian
Or Caribbean sea
You make me feel like a little kid on d**
Like, six years old, 2 tabs, 2 drops, and then 2 blunts
I'm f**ed up, addicted and lost inside of your eyes
I looked into the window pane
And saw your soul wave hi
Your body is artistic I could stare at it for days
You take my breath away
When you catch and hold my gaze
Your laughter compliments your smile
You're flawless like a gem
Your touch drives me crazy
Makes my universe go on a spin
'Mak-Tub' means: "It is already written"
Our lives were meant to cross without a**istance or interference
A j**el inside a lotus, such beauty that is so natural
A Martian girl that makes my life so wonderfully magical

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