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TeWo and Mosi - Astrological Intimacy lyrics

[Verse 1: Mosi]

My heart is beating at a rapid pace, I am excited
There's a foursome going on and you can guess who they invited
It is Freya and Athena and they're followed by Inanna
I'ma pleasure them so well that they are gonna call me father
(Yo) Wanna ride on my dick like a comet
And the other sit upon my face
And Freya kissing Athena and we both love the way she taste
Rapid pace, I clutch her waste
Inanna's close to making me bust
But what's the rush?
They feel like d**
I have them facing the ground with all they a** up
I won't nut until these female entities reach their climax
The secretion's leaking from the labium in my face like IMAX
Then I ask if they'll let me stick it and f** them in their back door
Then they told me anything goes and for the time being there is, we yours
Freya on my face, the other two on my dick and scrotum
They want to see what a Demi can do and so I get to show 'em
As I go to hold them down, they're s**ing me like they are some leeches
When we get to finishing up, I get to drink the creamiest peaches
(Mmmm, so good)

[Verse 2: TeWo]

I made love with Aphrodite last night
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It was like looking into our past life
Pure ecstasy from the beginning like sinning and saving ourselves the same damn time
Tongue kissing, we sharing the vibes
Licking her body is buried in mine
Tearing off clothes till we barely have any
It's making me wanna just marry her mind
Rushes of blood to the head
In the clutches of love until d**h
Something is bubbling inside of me
Maybe the sinning is punished with stress
But with only one breath
I would give it to her until nothing is left
Am I out of my mind?
Am I infatuated?
Or just fascinated with something I felt
Love can be hell but last night it was bliss
Like sticking my dick in an ionic shift
Impregnate the mind of a nympho in need with ideas, not kids
That's some ironic sh**
My muse and my wish
Musically this is the bonding of souls through the fuse of a kiss
The internal implosion of individuals, intertwined into a true sense of bliss
Put her on a pedestal wrapped in the sheets
Romantically peaking on acid for weeks
Watching the luminous pa**ion increase
While tasting the fruit just like Adam and Eve

We're like Adam and Eve

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