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TeWo and Mosi - A New Day (ft. Gold Saint) lyrics

[Verse 1: TeWo]

My head is killing me, debilitated
But still I made it out of bed so I can't really hate it
The new day
After a dark night like Bruce Wayne
Flip a coin to see what we do, then we get too faced
This blunt to it, maneuvering through the neighborhood
I get a call from ILLMITCH, he says "aye what's good?"
Recovering, I need some recuperation
'Cause after the events of yesterday
We gotta soothe a nation
Starting with us
Then I just roll up another blunt next
The contents of this bag, got me smelling loud, and obsessed
On to the next, that third blunt
'Cause third time's a charm
My third eye makes words come alive through this song
Now the birds sing along
'Cause the song is so catchy
I tap into both sides of the brain
Whether right or a lefty
Nothing upsets me in this mind state
My irate emotions evolve like a primate
Now I am the dopest
It's a new day

[Hook: TeWo and Mosi]

It's a
It's a
It's a
It's a
It's a
It's a new day

[Verse 2: Mosi]

It's a new day and the sky is really blue
What could all be worse, what is said is really true
So I pick up a lighter
And inhale my Girl Scout Cookie
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Get my vitamin D and then I go eat my girlfriend's cookie
Life is full of tests and you won't always be prepared
Love your neighbor like you love yourself
Spread peace and share
The good smoke
Good vibes
Take it in, you still alive
Roll with homies, smoke a blunt
And go for an extensive drive
Energized from meditation
Third eye shows no limitation
I am roaming all dimensions
With convenient visitation
No imitation, I am perfectly organic
On this planet when I'm Earthing, it is feeling so orgasmic
Warm skin, with a breeze rolling through my afro
Heart big, green trees, progress in my past shows
I level up every day
And I never look back
Because I'm always moving forward and I'm busting my back, Fairrow

[Verse 3: Gold Saint]

Hungover, it takes too much effort to put my shoes on
Smoke is all I do, I don't give half a fuck what you on
Smoking weed out in the desert
I think I flew home
My screen broke down like my bud
I might need a new phone
Or I might need a few zongs
To pack like a group home
Cheaper than some coupons to save you some sense
My elevation raising every day like the rent
This kid spits hard as fuck like his braces was bent

[Outro: Gold Saint]

Is right where I wanna be
'Cause when I'm high
There's no obstacles in front of me

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