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TeWo and Mosi - 3nter Th3 Rabbithol3 lyrics

[Verse 1: TeWo]

I never sold d** except like once or twice
And I never bust guns, but I'm busting rhymes
Like a hundred times
In a moment, scoping when I touch three mics
At a time, in one hand
One for each of the holy trinity
What you gonna do with three Gods in your viscinity
My third eye has divinity
Three three three, I'm seeking peace
And freedom, in my being, losing balance, gaining reason
Now I'm peaking, through the looking gla**
I took three tabs so I could relax
Then I booked it fast
Don't the rabbithole
So I could relapse
Feeling magical
Smoked three blunts
And I had three bowls
And I took three dabs
And I smashed three hoes
Then I lost my grip
And I had to go
To my third job
That's just how it goes
I'm doubting those
Who are bowing down to outer gold
My overactive pineal is really quite powerful
I count my foes
Even though it's not that many I still got plenty
Each one of them's a coward though
I could never run out of flows
Even on my d**hbed I will drop an ounce of coke
In lyric form and count the souls of rappers I have eaten up
Perform an autopsy, look into my bleeding guts
And see them all
The d**h of my body is how you'll free them all
But still my soul is infinite, so maybe they won't even leave at all
And now I'm hitting free fall
I see all
I see me
I see God
I see both
One facade
I see dope
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And the pope
I see quotes
That I wrote
I see notes
From an instrument that isn't even known, what?

[Verse 2: Mosi]

Flying through space, got a human on my neck
And I'm quicker than the speed of light and a millisec
Plasma in my chest, and my heart is Sanghili
I devour motherf**ers like I eat a Philly
Cheese steak, please stay is what I be asking all my demons
These days I hear the choir of the cosmos, they are singing
Of the mighty ones
Our arrival is coming very soon
Hotter than a hundred suns and I will always rise out my tomb
Embrace my doom
And I'm a poetic prophet, a pristine sacrifice
I'll roam the Earth as light until I reach the questioned afterlife
And there I'm astral particles soaring till I return
To a new Earth where it was written for me to rule again
I get ahead of myself, 'cause my mind is on fast forward
Always working overtime and disobeying all my orders
'Cause my mind has a mind that has a mind of its own
It's so complex down there
I get lost and I can't find my way home
Uh, down the rabbithole
All I see is black cats, icy bengals
Three three three
I have transcended and I feel no pain hoe
Horny angels and demons with halos
I accept what's next
A shift in gravity, now my body is floating up to limbo
I can feel my skin bro
I can see my eyeballs roll
I can taste my tongue and divide my soul into three
So then I can have a conversation with I, myself, and me
Euphorically, I'm simply me
And I'm up in a willow tree
I am talking to the wind
And I am flirting with the Moon
I am raging with the Sun
And meditating with the Earth
Blasting off with the stars
Observing Metatron's cube

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