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Tesco Value - Speakers Corner lyrics

See the old priest get his thrill
He'll taste the girls and leave the bill
To the homos with flowers
Of golden showers

Until the one is reborn
We'll drink from him, we'll feed our s**m
We love our bellies
Undress us the hungry

Child chill don't pay attention it's getting well
Soon we'll pay for your crown, then you'll let us all drown

Let our young ones fail the test
And fall in love with the second best
A girly, a sinner
An absolute beginner

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Freaky monsters, creepy shemales
Used daughters for sale
Our darkest eruption
Games between boys and men!

Received the call, it won't hurt us when we'll fall settled down
For your crown just go ahead let us drown
Let the mirrors reflect our sin to change the colors of our skin
So our children won't deny it surely helps sometimes to cry

So the virgins can get it first
And k** our own incurable thirst
So we all become as one
Like children of the corn
We'll be sinners on the run
We'll be lovers to the gun
Preaching naked for the sun
To shine for what we thought was done!

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