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Teru - Aquatone lyrics


They made me go to edge again
Trust me, listen they made drop an EP again
Bet they won't sleep again
Sleep on me, sleep on who? think again
It's an Aquatone when I use my pen
And It's an Aquatone when I'm feeling leng'
London city rises me good
Despite all the sh** in gritty hood
They love it when I jump on these beats
They love it so I had drop a key, though
Finesse the beat boy yeah I see goals
Give me apple spits it out like Carlito
Boy, every bar deserves a reload
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Every bar deserves a reload
If nobody speaks I'ma speak then
'Kidontheblock' coming soon I'ma feast then
And that's a sequel not equal don't pretend
Area 51, everybody run
With this armoury, I don't really need a gun
Everybody wants a change everybody wants some funds
I'ma take all, I'ma take all
Yeah Ima take it all n***a
Don't ring my phone unless it's a booking
Young boy with that young flow n***a listen
AREA 51 lifestyle is what I'm living
So I pissed on your cd now you know what I'm sipping on
Now you know what I'm sipping on
Yeah My whole flipping team is on

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