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Terry Neilson - Flame Into Being lyrics

Now the weight of the books has crushed my delicate fingers
I'm not trying to be Paganini any more
All I dream about these days is s** with strangers
Rats in spats and bowler hats on the dance floor
Some days my head is the turret for a machine gun
And the world is torn apart by a hail of words
In tongues of fire the rookie priest reads the lesson
And I would like to quote him chapter and verse

I'm in love with everyone who knows it's hard
To build a way of seeing
Who knows that nevertheless that's the only way
To flame into being

I was always the s**er that got led into temptation
When I didn't have a job and couldn't pay the bills
But stretch me out on your tasteless warehouse sofa
And there or somewhere else I'll do your will
Maybe I'll come out clubbing on a rainy night in Soho
So many clichés have sentimental truth, don't you find?
You be Judith and I'll be Holofernes
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Living with a beautiful woman
I'm jealous all the time

So take me to the people who'll gratify my ego
Because under the swagger I don't know who I am
Caesar beware the ides of adolescence
Here comes some new Brutus in black 501s
From the pores of his skin you can smell the cappuchino
And his avaricious eyes are shining like the sun
Black bat night come down from your roost now
And cover me with your wings
Under my eyes I shall wear your blue engagement rings

But as soon as I decide that this is not the place for me to stay
I feel currents that buoy me up and bear me away
And burglars or writers will carry this love away too
Don't regret this, just forget me, let me release you
And as soon as I decide I'm more fertile or just more sober
Maybe I'll think of you like a touching American film
How I left you washing the face of our baby
How whenever I live alone
My hands and eyes work again

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