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Terick Lamont - Profit lyrics

Ahh sh**
n***a ahh sh**
Gon head young head get ya profit uh 4x

Hold On
Heard you hating on a young n***a paper Rather see him eating paper n***a hold on
Can't stand the hate and then the out of nowhere congratulations
Seen alot a n***as fail seen a couple make it
One thing they all had in common was all they hometown hating
Mad to see a peer rise while they still complacent
That crab in barrel anology comes in play man
What saying
Boy you playing
Wanna see all my make it
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Like n***a we made it
Might pop a bottle on the sofa
To toast to the greatest
Because you know the strength in numbers
We got em invaded

Na na that there's
A diminished mentality
f** a casualty
We shooting for fatal fatalities
Looking down at the body he look just like me
Wonder what happened that made me hate what look just like me

Lies we took as our own so strong
So strong

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