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Tena Tenpo - Blaze It Up Feat. Tena Tenpo lyrics

Blaze it up
Blaze it up
Oya light one, roll one
They know I'm blessed,
Smoking marijuana,
living life without no stress
All these b**hes want me
Them are getting undressed
Now they impressed
We buy you ah dress
Now they address (address me)
They know I'm blessed (blaze it up)
They know I'm blessed
They know I'm blessed (blaze it up)
They know I'm blessed
See these s**y hunnies all around me
I'm just tryna do me while these n***as tryna copy
I don't even know you,
Why you acting like you know me
Smoking that green when I'm chilling with the homies
Baby I know you feeling some type of way
f** your friends, I don't care what they say
We can just chill smoke weed,
baby blaze it up let the fire burn in your f**ing arms
[Tena Tenpo]
Whiskey with that vodka
Dreadlocks I'm a rasta,
Got that b**h on her knees
Like a f**ing pastor (amen)
Cheque so closed like rapture
Now she reading scriptures
Say they love me and they want me that's why them are fancy
Girl I'll be smoking all day
Because I be losing my brain
My mind is closed my eye is gone
And man I'm losing my brain
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It's unbelievable,
That they believed in you
Now they believe in you cause you know what is within you
See me with the girl
They smoking marijuana
They ask me where I get it from
I tell her Ghana
She know my blunt so fat
Looking like some cubana
She asking what I'm rocking
Some Dolce Gabbana
Now she down with the clique
Now she down to s** some dicks
I ain't playing no games
Ain't playing no f**ing tricks
Ain't bout to f** around
No politics
Got some rollies that don't f**ing
See me a bad boy
I'm on every tabloid
See when I come around
My people, they make noise
I'm all about the money
Where's my f**ing S voice
Sipping on that lean
You can hear from my voice
Swag so essential
Rolls presidential
Chain on my neck
Looking like a f**ing medal yeah
Sounds offensive, no basic b**hes
That's fundamental
Got these b**hes going mental
Oh yeah, yeah

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