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TeMar - Alone lyrics

[Hook: TeMar]
We ain't ever been alone
We ain't ever, we ain't ever been alone
I was gonna buy you a house in Rome
Tryna take you down like so Capone

[Verse 1: TeMar]

Straight back flesh rack like an attack
Pimp named slimp back make ya breast snap
How it falls down in the mean while
How you doin what's ya name
Don't see it in my file
Oh yeah give me a call
I skateboard no I don't ball
Afro had me lookin tall
Nose ring hair dyed ears and all
I'm still clean matter of fact
Lookin for da cheese that don't make a hood rat
Smokin pac in the back
Cause she been a fashion k**a
Told me I'm the best she ain't meet nobody realer
Shawdy kinda brown she den turned me to a stealer
f**ed up one time now she say she wanna step
Shawdy kept her head right on my chest
Lookin so clean with the bullet proof vest in affect
Been a bad b**h I'm her vet
See me in about a year bet I buy her vet
How I stay so chill
And I'm never poppin pills
Straight dime when I rhyme
Think about her all the time
Bill will make you k**
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Another year for her crime
Shawdy so thick, so sweet and lime
Wonder how she see it in her eyes

Kisses sweater than the apple pies, yeah


[Verse 2: Jordan Rietto]

Hoppin, Harlet, Dont you, Ever, speak my, NAME

Got a dummy falling for your frame
And the thot can't think giving brain
What you living in a game?
Black basements, lets face it no way that i can look at you the same
Silicon fingers with the feelings when i caught them
And you the biggest tool in the garden
Ain't that a shame?
Behind every lie was a lightskin
Got em cranking to the dark geek writings
And i had this conversation with my cousin
Sitting in her presence
Saying love thats unconditional exist no it doesn't
Imma chase cash my name is Usian Buffet
Girl i wanted to get physical but your just song material
Thanks for helping me get big and whip these foreign vehicles
And i'll write lines in a notepad making cash living by myself in a dope pad
But i can make a cold heart home
With a single microphone and a tongue
You will never be alone


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