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TeMar - Mary lyrics

[Verse 1: TeMar]

I was told get a better flow
Get a different hoe
Cut my fro better off now all a n***a knows
In the snow walking to the store with a different bro
In a show n***as so lit cause we just US
Cut the fuss til I cut the rust on a tour bus
Ain't no punk so I'm hitting skunk sitting on the trunk
n***as gay cause there bed bunk in a mean funk
Kinda crunk so they get drunk til they legs sunk, uh
Dont pop the rubbers til' I feel I gotta pull out
Plant a sprout, ain't no f**ing doubt I'd make my momma pout
Smoking weed and f**in' hoes is what you're all about
Making music and my money is what I'm all about
Tell the chef to hold on running late for dinner
Sinner taking all these L's turned me to a winner
How I'm used to these bastard games & faster things
How I learned that angles sing, I lost the ring
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Run before the fatty sings, no accessing
Russel please don't pa** that thing
But it's too soon?
So I set your bib out for a teaspoon
Childish, keep on crying out while I feed spoon
Ooo girl, you naked and it's still noon?
Coldest feeling under weather bumpin my tune
Vibe is feeling kinda retro like its nicktoons
Rapping acting like however cause we been coons
Wait until you spotting US up at the venues
25 dollars ain't no tips to see a menu
Been you like I bend you
Step in my shoes cause I been news they don't know it but they fin too
I don't see a problem now so whats the issue?

[Bridge: TeMar]
1. 2. 3 for my n***as in the air!
Count to 3 for the ones that care!
4. 5. 6 for the women out there!
Taking my time for the riches out there what?

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