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I got
Bold ambitions
Gold and bishes

[Verse 1: Lemson aka Grape Swag]
Smoking weed and taking a sh** at the same damn time(OKAY)
Smoking weed and taking a sh** using the SAME DAMN RHYME(YUP)
Popped a molly 2 weeks ago and I'm still sweatin(WOAH)
Pushing a shopping cart at Aldi, f** yeah I'm flexin(GET BIG)
Buy a bottle of cough syrup and I ain't even sick(YOU CRAY MAN)
Mustard on my hot dog......AND ON MY DICK(LICK THAT SHIT)
Ridin on a T-Rex down to iHop(GREAT PANCAKES)
Catch me on the beat brake, always make the beat stop(SKIIIRV)
Get f**ed by a gangster in purple, that's what I call G-Rape(SWAG SWAG)
Shoutout to them popcorn flavored jellybeans, they make my teeth ache(DENTIST)
6 more bars left, must be the Illuminati(2012)
Kick kick kick, that's that karate(CHI WONG)
Go to the roller rink and impress them 13 year old girls(HEY BABE)
b**hes love my swag, and I rule the world(NOT YOU NAS)
420 blaze it and keep that 1 luv(LEGALIZE IT)
s**in on them utters, until that cow cums(SUCKY SUCKY)

[Verse 2:Bosco The Flacko]
f** all yall n***as hatin on our grind doe (GRINDIN)
f** all yall n***as hatin on my fine dough (Snort it!)
Lemson eatin... out of a trash can (HE NOT EATIN)
Dyaz is my numba 1 fan (HE LUVS ME)
Algernon is my numba 1 stan (HE WANTS ME)
Ash is just a gay n***a (FEG)
Thats all, he's just a gay n***a (FEG)
I just rhymed n***a with n***a (SWAG)
So dont make me call my trigga (BLAOW)
They Call me Bosco_The_Flacko (SKINNY NIGGA)
I roll the ill Taco (DELICIOUS)
Based god lets me f** his b**hes (WOOP)
And I got these riches (STACKS)
f** around with me and you get 100 stitches (FUCK 16 BARZ)

[Verse 3: Algernon aka Kevin Fernald aka Golden I]
I got, gold in my eyes
Midas Ray Bands I never compromise
Never settling for less when these bishes undress
I came and popped her molly left that bish speechless
Don't talk just listen
Success is my curse, glory my addiction
Can it be perfection if I call it a condition
I'm talking fort knox watch all my bars glisten
Have you ever touched Olympus
Come in bishes first like my life was the Olympics
Gain world acclaim every time I take a dick pic
Museums tryna buy it so the whole world can witness
Catch a body like that
Make my casket gold James Brown when I'm flat
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Now you can't say that you never got told
By the man on a throne made of bishes and gold

[Verse BURR: Dyaz]
Licking all that belly, puffing on them nipples; heartburn
Entering the p**y at 5 quil, the sight equals no return
Been here befo', her p**y has been read; menstruation
Moving her up, sideways, down, and upsidedown; elevation
Flowing over with libido, cause she don't k** sh** like Michael
But I couldn't care less cause the p**y still psycho imo
Rape swag up on the roof, cause the sh**'s gonna do with my soul
Sex all unreliable cause she shot the bible with my rifle
f** a law that sh** crazy, f** a whole verse I'm lazy
f** your lawn, f** Jay-Z, f** this I'mma make babies
sh** phatter than gravy as of lately cause the A-Team
Been facing with mating with my flow cuz it's amazing

[Verse boner: M'Balls]
I write my hardest verses when I have a boner
Love hip hop to the point I'll might as well just bone her
My pen is on point like I'm a pen shop owner
Stay giving everybody the penis like I'm an organ donor
I'll turn every rapper on a track with me into a moaner
Should be signed to Roc, rather k** you with rocks like a stoner
You can just ask T.I and J.T, you're a dead and goner
Then I'll rip off your skin and cleanse it like toner
Just to stroll around in it smoking weed, cause I'm a stoner
I ain't American so I rap for the king like kroners
Everybody loves me like Raymond, I'm not a loner
M'Balls is coming for ya, I'm hairy like the thief of a home aloner
I did tell you I write my hardest verses when I have a boner
So after this verse I guess it's safe to say I have a boner

[Verse 5: Teebird AKA Real n***a On A b**h AKA 4-Star General of b**h Mob]
Realest n***a to come out since Luther Van Dross, it's understood
Realest n***a to put on for Oklahoma since Carrie Underwood
I pop the heater the same way I pop that p**y
Bustin' on this track the way I pre'd in cross country
n***as bust them triggas bust through ligas' I am pumping
You n***as tryna get in between me and my bread, you n***as lunchmeat
Madness from that reefer got my beamer aimed at your Beamer
n***a wanna know how yo Mercedes bends from my ringer?
You n***as ain't eatin, you n***as just tryna beef with
You wanna bite my style, b**h you can eat dick
Wanna get with this Rasta, you ain't even on the roster, noodle a** n***a
Everything you write flops, you a little b**h imPASTA
Letting this pen bleed because I write everything in vain
I'm tryna chill and make it rain, but all that comes out is bullets
Straight in the gullets, from that gutter where your sister is your mother
Saw that look in the b**hes eye so I had to Danny glove her
Shoot a n***a in the kidney off that toxic Britney leave a n***a maimed
n***a Tarzan, untamed, lead showers
I was Eastbound but now I'm down for whatever, Kenny Powers
n***a respect my pace or I'll reflect the stainless from your face
Leave you n***as memberless like MySpace

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