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Tee Ohh - Skittles & Brisk Tea lyrics

[Verse 1: Slayd]

I'm bout to chuck my hood up, with my f**ing hood up
Wish a somebody would shoot, wish somebody would bust
Cause uh, my bro strapped and he don't ride with seat belts
Smashing the gas pedal, bullets fly, you gone need help
I tried to be civil, but that don't produce no chivalry
Cause doors ain't opening, I live in a state of misery
A profit seeking prodigy, probably a prophecy
Studied astrology, embarking on the oddest odyssey
Lips twitching, anticipating a written, encryption
Or a description of these f**in mental prisons
Impotent infants, attempt to emulate my eminence
Winners win, and it's about that time for yo shift to end
Quit quick, kid, kick ,sh** swift with wit
Lashing out, when I'm rapping out, like I spit whips
Took a quick trip, for skittles and like my 5th brisk
Paranoid a bullet might hit me just like a clinched fist
I 'ont keep no piff lit, never sipped a swig of no liq
But because of my pigment, I look like I hit licks
My point is, the worlds a joint
And until the flame hits, and we've ascended, it'll be twisted
So grab a niche protagonist, until you napping in a ditch
And watch ya back, cause some prejudice, like to spazz with clips
A new school student, better yet the catalyst
A chip chasing, spit blazing, hit making, pacifist

[Hook: Tee Ohh]

My hoodie on, I dare a n***a to f** with me
But i ain't tripping, Cause Wesson smith and stay tucked with me
That's f**ed that i got to keep something tucked with me
They k**ing n***as, You against the system? then bust with me
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*Hook Repeats*

[Verse 2: Slayd]

Got n***as mad, cuzz the flow rugged like a brillow pad
Way I'm k**ing rap, should be asking where a fiddle at
Or at least a tear, and on the back, just a gentle pat
When I pa**, tip ya cap. Or I'm a pill it back
Spewing venom on the vinyl of these simple tracks
Dentist said I'm a menace, in the future I should see some plaques
But bullets flying easily can turn future to past
Tense when we moving, that's why that weapon concealed like my tatt
Too many who use the booth
Really my regimen relies on rappers who could use a clue
They busy blowing hookah, I construe the truth
Amusing how these losers prove
That losing isn't due for me, but is for you, so toodaloo
I toss ganja, my thoughts kinda, like off
I'm a boss. sh** I'm plotting on u'll probably make Ross ponder
Career go from unknown to a cataclysm
Money flowing slow bout to turn to high metabolism


[Bridge: Tee Ohh]

Now I'mma never put them hammers down
Run up on me you better stand your ground
*Repeats Twice*

Now we will never put them hammers down
Run up on us, You better stand your ground
*Repeats Twice*

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