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Tchami - You Know You Like It (Remix) lyrics

[Intro: Price]
My turn

[Verse 1: Price]
Uh, in a Ferrari or a Jaguar, Honda or a Buick
Either way I'm moving
Always knew I had to drive to do it
Always kept the same wave
Stuck it out with my team
b**h I'm Dwayne Wade
Off the head with these lines
I feel like Wayne Brady
Money long like Wayne braids
Tryna give all of my n***as chains like the slave trade
Used to rock J's in line now we rock the main stage
Tell her if she talking paper we on the same page
Wait (paper, page)
Give me a grade I need a A+
Face of eighth of cake
And guzzle drink until my brain rush
First they prayed for our downfall now they praise us
Made n***a ain't nobody make us, raise up
I tell her she beautiful watch her face blush
She just need more personality, less make up
Less Instagram, less gossip, and less Facebook
Take my advice and sh** be smoother than a Ma$e hook
All gas I don't know how breaks look, real deal
House n***a finally get a strap and now he feel real
Till you hit the field where it's murder-murder, k**-k**
Poppin' all that molly
Oh, you need is pop a chill pill
That's why you in pain
I refuse to have my n***as dying in vain
I'm providing in my lane
With champagne for the pain
Hear my song, hear my name
Yeah I know you n***as like it but it drives you insane
Let's go!

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[Hook: Price]
I know you like it but it drives you insane
I know you like it but it drives you insane
I know you like it but it drives you insane
I know you like it but it drives you insane

[Verse 2: Oktane]
Hold up (slow down)
How you doin' that (woah)
You caught my attention like I threw it at you
n***a, who is that?
I mean the one that look good from the face down
The one that's taking up space from the waist down
Break down green
I don't know if it's the drinks now
But I think you might've been the baddest in the place now
Steps in exta-fitted, extra-lifted
Make that next decision your best decision
Ain't gotta be extra with it touch the realest
And you see from the sec you feel it's authentic
From the bob to my walk
My fresh to my step
See that's the type of thing that make a lady undress
So I told her "come through in the sundress"
She said "the one that make me take it to the bathroom?", yes
Girl the ganja is flight take your time do it right
Cause I ain't gon' force you to have the time of your life, uh
You know I like it every time you give brain
But, they keep texting you keep trying to see the names and
I'll just be honest I ain't trynna kick game
I ain't them other n***as and you know we ain't the same
So you know when I get in it you be screaming Oktane
Hit the spot no matter where we are scream my real name
Put the switch to you hips so brain to your frame so
What you want sh**
What you wanna do ?

[Hook: Price]

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