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Tchad Blake - Drugstore Perfume lyrics

[Verse 1]
She waits at windows
Her dreams don't show in color
And she sleeps for now
She just waits around
Wishing she could leave
Single mothers in parking lots
And wear another girl's evening out
This place let you down easy

[Pre-Chorus 1]
She gets up to buy a drink
I'd notice why when she walks by
There's something caught in her eye, she says

That she can't change for love
And she explains how long she's waited for
She wanted more

[Verse 2]
Dead leaves, desperate summers
All-ages clubs and metal shutter
To keep you out
While we hang around old factories
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‘Till we meet each other
Two discount lives and heavy numbers
To keep you down
If I wait around

[Pre-Chorus 2]
Maybe she might come back to say that
I'm not sure you know my name, that's fine
But take me with you this time, she says


Gone today
I might just see you around
It hurts, but I understand
If you can't find another reason not to stay
And while she's walking away, she says


And as these days go by
Well they can't change how long we've waited for
A love that's more
A love that's more

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