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Taze - The Melody lyrics

[Verse 1 - Louie Black]
I'm holding mics when I'm pumped up and preaching
Audiences call me MC
Mic controller knower like a psychic boxer when I'm rolling over
God or jesus
Hova but hold nothing over my head
I got a halo I just left in my bed for my love to squeeze
Keep her breathing
Protect my loves before my own soul is my tome the only one I hold dear
And out there, I'm all alone
I just got these boots to take me home and my feet to work
Fists to make the cash and my head to sip the smoke and hope my lungs still work
When I'm done with my evil work
Plenty people want me leaving earth but I'm never being deep inside the dirt
Murk you, before I consider spending seconds in a coffin underneath the world of hurt
Tears of meek what I drink to live
Pain of life what I love to drink
Like a knife when I make my sig
Like christ is my will to live
Like dice and a single six is my chance to live
Like nothing is my sight of how I wanna give
But the evils call me closer and they claw me
I come at em with a toaster, this ghetto individual an army

[Hook - JDP the Future]
Listen to the melody
No it's not a felony if this is what they're tellin' me
Listen to the melody
It's time we need to set it free and take it where we want to be
Listen to the melody
No it's not a felony if this is what they're tellin' me
So listen to the melody
It's time we need to set it free and take it where we want to be

[Verse 2 - Louie Black]
Leave me dead for heaven or hell
Life without bail type sh** in the mail
Tell me where I'm gonna go from here
Feeling like a ghost when I look in the mirror
k** me, tell me that we're even
Put you in the deepend like a water demon
I been scheming since I was 7
Rupture baddies now my path latter while my heart getting madder
Flow illa but my clip still limber
People still tremble and a**ume the worst
Who's the first to get they dome crack
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Drug addicts always got they dome cracked
Now who wanna be that
Ki snatched while the family fiend snacked
Only shout outs I get is like "oh f** the psycho's back"
So I lean and keep my heat tacked call me mean mag
Or mean to mag
I meant peace when I called him out to face facts
COME CLEAN faggot you ain't lifting souls
These fake rappers better stop acting like they tablets ain't been wacom
Or whacked off on
Every dudes semen like makeup when ya girl spread it on
Busting moneyshots like a firearm
Man With a Golden Gun be holding meth in his shoulder holster for the white people son
Nobody ever f**ing with this mastermind
Cause I've mastered every species and chemically murdered every kind
Mentally murked spirits with my tongue, you literal, a verbal dime
Cosmically I'm God you an insect
b**h hit me up to chat, every word I speak f**ing rhymes

[Hook - JDP the Future]

[Verse 3 - Taze]
Ayo it's time for the induction lyrically I get ta bustin//
Naw I didn't start it but I came to end this whole discussion//
Sippin on some sh** that got me groggy like it's robotussin//
I should probably die but I just shake it off like it ain't nothing//
I just keep on planting one foot right in front of the other//
Strolling past the vast deception that is k**ing my brother//
I try to keep an open eye too many villians to cover//
I even gotta watch my broad cause she a villianous lover//
I'm on my lonely really I ain't got me too many homies//
I learned to stand alone cause too many f**as are phony//
I mean really man too many motherf**as are tony//
AkA I'm just a piece of that oscar meyer boloney//
Ain't got the time but I hear the melody so I got the rhyme//
Facing any adversaries out there cause I got the spine//
Never scared of no one only scared of myself//
Only scared that after murder I would end up in hell//
See I ain't never been a b**h I got no fear of a cell//
You see the only thing I truly fear is fear in itself//
Now knowing that I got the chance to get the championship belt//
It's time to go all in I'm running with the cards I was dealt//
Sticking to my diction while others stick to the fiction//
So when we the room together all you feelin is friction//
See dude I ain't even got a pot for the pissin//
But I got the melody it's all I need on this mission...Whuuut!

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