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Tayyib Ali - Don't Forget lyrics

Come along the beat... and dont forget my love
Yeah... dont forget my love, im telling you
Girl Voice: Don't forget my love
Uhh long nights uhh
Girl Voice: Don't forget my love

[Verse 1]
Look I was a young'en she was younger, heart real cold but she was summer
I'm upp in comeup, the people love'em she a girl no father seek her loving
In her mother, she keep her studing girl flow the mall type of chick
Shop at the mall im out of it dawg, broke my heart dropped it and all
I use to reminisce but now f** it cause im popular dawg

Yea I bet you want me now baby
My name go arround town crazy from philly
To the down lazy heartbreaker open up
Don't forget the love soe it up

[Verse 2]
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Yea im coming out on top thats common sense, dedication and long days what got me here
Money getting so lame n***as is not the fair, what was you thinking when I be here
It must be tripping tell me that its pain yes it is, your the same or your wizard
Would be different if you listen cause listen

Girl Voice: Don't forget my love
Girl Voice: Don't forget my love

[Verse 3]
Look long nights spent alone, it's like im locked in a home, a dime float with a popular strobe
My rhyming is gold feel like i've been grinding for long, keystone state of mind and im on
But don't forget where i've been trough to get to the places I get into, lameboards get's school
My swagger is initial, chicks on my dick to young'en from the hood I stay sharp no gym suit
Yall rep the northside like none other, to many people some real some undercover skateboard though
Yall prefer to just ride in the summer, im the root of my city you can't touch me, no

Uhh.. Keystone state of mind
Swear to god im doing fine
Girl Voice: Don't forget my love
Don't forget my love

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