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Tayyib Ali - Room 215 lyrics

Front, straight out to ghettos hoes
You'll be getting the half of fifty
L squad so they issue for the Lord to get me
Gold and chop, plus some older now
n***as that be trying ball with me usually fow
I'll be twist the town,
PA post the chow, got post us now,
By no dope, don't you doubt,
I was so on me now,
young n***as when I grind from the east side
And if I'm looking for the M what should I begin
Man I might just wish what I'm riding in,
Train happen lay on proper
Still the kid to problem one hundred,
These n***as 5%, ride shows, fans giving me grant
visionary make us knew that,
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we're living the plan
so I'll be on my own sh**, every day my songs
I ain't hard to get along with
we're getting in regardless, your boys can't see me
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the things gonna be the same when they hit the TV
if I'm in then I ain't Lisa, I'm hand to the..
But tryin to shine their summer spit rhyme for the people
'cause I want it and I need, yeah.

I know scholar, but out I'ma still pack collages
I live for presidence your b**h won't ride with this,
Peace on the residence, they're knocking on my door
if there's money letting em, be power all walking my level of sh**,
style fow, thinking in the black d**h
when I'm at best, I got next by a stress,
wild with the best, we do things, true things,
baby come showing my moves, it's not an issue,
f*ck boys is I can get you, I'm way too official
Only one thing that I'm into, music in my mental,
SO I'm let to help you get through the day
ride shows, got hoes, tryin to kick you ..
And I'm twenty now living on twenty thow,
Staging the game, girl I might f*ck around
and when the town with my play hit the ground
this pick me up and you know how is going down

In the penthouse, yeah, check what up

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