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Tayyib Ali - Piloto lyrics

I can't stop, won't stop, so we go all night,
And it's something bout the flow that I know you're like
and it's something bout the dough that get all your height,
but they ain't know that I was in it for life
and your sh** is alright, but I'm on a level that you've never been
hip-hop's alive my n***a I'm the evidence
Yeah I'm stepping in and it's my job to represent,
in this game city that we raise hella been,
and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is where they came and walked the payment
and got my paper and Hollywood for day
but I'm coming home, sayin me and the difference on
doin shows, no more flipping o's
from my n***as lock down put in cages
that's from they can't find the way and think for me world
over time, sitting rhymes and the.. got pearl,
none of the thoughts in my mind, see me get so..

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Hey y'all bottle to the top, real n***as don't stop
and the money don't stop, so the hate don't stop
so the grind don't stop, they in they out
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they're looking at me, neither get off their computer,
..lyrics taking your medula, all your hurt to kay
was a night, that was just a rumor,
Alone for another night, I did it on my own
you n***as hit the club and no rain no b**hes home
it's too bad, I do em so wrong,
like I got no since 'cause these b**hes ain't sh**,
ain't taking no deals that's few talking six feet,
in the script make sense, I got paces,
so no matter how long it takes
for me to get my break, in the love today
I want four mistakes, so luminati on my mind,
it's all in my body but I got it,
many demons tryin to ride me from my heart,
I took a break just to see
who n***as still ain't f*cking with me,

Hey y'all bottle to the top, real n***as won't stop
And the grind don't stop, so the money don't stop.
Hey, don't stop, hey hey, they don't stop

DJ Grumble don't stop!

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