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Tayyib Ali - Gone lyrics

There's no place that I won't go
And I feel that you got love
And on a real chick, you can use that
If you carry that chick on your heart
You can go where your heart wants you to go!

[Verse 1:Tayyib Ali]
Yeah, yeah
I can get it off rapping, I can get it off trapping
Got my money stacking, had some millions in Manhattan
Still independent and I'm about to make it happen
I ain't burnt no digits, n***as catch me in traffic!
I've got so many bars, my n***as is moving hard
How can I f** with you when you ain't loyalty squad
I always said the truth, get it stacked, then I blow it
Then my first show, b**h I'm back in the hood! What's good, huh?
Philly n***a my... hobby
Getting nothing, but the best from me
You gonna get respect for me, these hoes wanna give birth to me!
I'm so young, I feel lucky, I don't got no deal cause
All these loosen n***as got a slack pose and k** for me
Do it from the heart, so you know where is at
I bust it open, tell that b**h to bring it back
And she know where she bring it back, she might just make a stack
And now I sit back and just laugh cause it's crazy that

Hook: (x2)
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You don't know what you have
You gonna find it so bad
When I'm gone and you're alone
No one will give it to you!

[Verse 2:Tayyib Ali]
OK, you're not switching lames, I'm that n***a blowing up
And I ain't trying to tell you n***as,"peace" when I throwing up!
Transcending, started with these people rapping out
Couldn't get no better days, I'm about to chase the weather now!
Living out what they could never accomplish
Ask around, man I swear that I got it
First lip stay rocking for sh** bouncing similar to hydronix
Cause my buzz is as big as New York project, man, talk about it!
And don't they love to see my face in a magazine
Grind mode, yeah, I'm at the... number three
Like... had it planned out
Since I was J high and I don't see a n***a that can take mine
Huh, still balling like it's 8-5
Longer than a state line, I'm living the great life!
Key stone stake mine, go watch great time
I heard it through the grapevine
Yeah, I heard it through the grapevine

Hook: (x2)
You don't know what you have
You gonna find it so bad
When I'm gone and you're alone
No one will give it to you!

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