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Tayyib Ali - Eighteen lyrics

Eighteen -Tayyib Ali

Verse 1:

Ay look
Microphone, microphone, microphone, check it
Steppin'on the city, had to say it for the record
Of course I'm a rapper, just like you
? Had it own crew and do what I do
Seen it all like déjà-vu
Different states I been
Fresh air when my plane fly in
With 2 40's like it's 8 times 10
Flow so nice, skateboard straight crack's 8 rockin'
Yup, it's only usual but havin' time fluent so
Get up to my head & make it big like I'm Stewie bro
Bad women, MacBooks & studios
Better play your cards right, no Yu-Gi-Oh
Girls love me, fuck what haters say man
Ridin' through your city continent like ray-bans
Tracks that I make hard hittin' ?
Niggas stay fuckin' with my game plan
I said I'm california driven so I'm fit to be in LA
Hop the blue line and head west like the L's rain
Some go to school, drop out and sell yay
Try to make pay hit the board, make way
Life okay, vans and the snapback
Skatin' 'round the city and my heavy ass backpack
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Doin' shows, big crowds, smash that
Gimme my hat back
Babe you can have that

Uh, Young & fit to be on TV
The papes in my rapbook be lookin' like graphiti
They tell me take it easy I'm tryin to explain I'm tryna be me
Runnin' in the back for leftovers like Luigi
Uh, I'm 18 so I'm tryna be a hero
Your swagger so trash gas niggas like Leero
Anywhere spit it out, see I'm kinda gifted now
& go get your best man I bet I stood him down
Uh, I said I'm always on the cash route
Up in New-York makin' hits 'till I passed out
But when I pass out, I'm right back at it
& Leelo gets scratch like a fuckin' crack addict
Look, I'm so high I ain't thinkin' 'bout landin'
You think I'm nice tryin' best understand it
I'm all around killin' shows they demandin'
Money in the enveloppe & you ain't gotta stamp it
These niggas hate that I youngin' in the P.A.'s
Better come to philly for me not a cheesestake
They see my face they go crazy with the cameras out
Understand I'm the man by now
Huh, check, I kinda feel like I'm blowin' up
Er' body know the jeu ? uhh
Stomach goin' down fast, elevators goin' up
That's when the curves open up
I'm only 'bout to open up

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