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Tayyib Ali - See Me Shining lyrics

[Verse 1]
I'm so fresh from the East to the West
In a Lambo cause I be smoking the best
When they say my name they better show me respect
Cause I- I know you see my shining
Nothing last forever and it's only me and this music that will last together
I look past the cheddar and fame
I just do it for the game and the fact that they see my shining
It ain't about rocking diamonds
Wrote this in the hills of Beverly, but Philly where you find him
They try to imitate but they not him, fake
[?] it's like the can't pace but they copy
I be out in Tokyo drinking Saki
But I came from the city where they put hole in your white T
But fuck 'em if they hate it because we finally made it
I'm here for one night so we gotta celebrate it
Like that

Bout to blow, yeah, living on the road
Taking hoes to the hotel after the show
Only got one night cause I'm flyer than the most, for sure
I know you see me shining
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When I get back we can party some more
Living high definition y'all drink, I smoke
To the roof from the Keystone State to the club for the show
I know you see my shining

[Verse 2]
It's funny how, now, people want to be down
Nobody was around when I took trips out of town
Now I pull up watch their faces frown
You be looking like the Joker we the Aces now
I rock Bape on Bape like Skateboard P
I rap gritty Philly when I'm overseas
And if you talking Kreazy then my team hitting you up
Ain't shit changed, I'm still not giving a fuck
I'm the type to get on the mic and killing it out of spite
I swear this rap game changing my life
I bet it suck for you cause you ain't getting no hype
And your girl left you cause you ain't hitting it right
I'm from where niggas hate jobs and they chase crimes
Different city every day with the fans probably
From the bottom at the top with some bands I be
Getting top from a thot she can't fuck

[Chorus] (x2)

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