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Tayyib Ali - Make Me lyrics

No matter what, just follow your dreams

I used to dream of this life and all this fashion
Now I'm actually rapping
I don't need the cameras, all I need is my pa**ion
You just opened the book, this is the first chapter
I started all out with nothing it never mattered
I'm spitting like I'm 9 years in the game
Addicted to work and blinded with the fame
Believe that a division I'll keep winning
With Keystone State of Mind since the [?]
Worrying about everything except a f**ing wedding ring
Got a heavy name, doing shows in every state
And I don't owe you n***as nothing like I said
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Still pa**ion over bread, a lot of sh** been on my head lately
And everything that y'all doing, is the sh** that we started
But I'm sticking to the script regardless
Money stupid so my b**h retarded, bad
Young n***a getting all this cash
I like to get my fool on too
But when you at your last breathe, what are you gon' do
Cause I told you I was there but you never even cared
Sometimes I wonder why I'm even here

[Hook x2]
I know that I can stand up now
It's time for me to man up now
And they try to break me
But I can only let it make me

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