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Tayyib Ali - Dreaming lyrics

[Verse 1]
Ayo, this pressure's all up on me
Dreams fly past, I just watch the sky
You know the feeling when you made it and your mother cry
The motivation when you hated by them other guys
Growing up the block hot as the month of July
I'm never leaving the game so I just say goodnight
This like a toy store, I'm touching everything in sight
Yeah, that's why they look at me when the mic's on
And them girls fall in love when the lights off

You can make it if you go for your dreams
Couldn't do it now I overachieve
Which y'all n******gs never believed
But, nobody better than me
So what they telling me
One for the city that I'm from
Two for the troubles in life
f** it, you've gotta overcome
My mind said let's get it done
I hate letting down so I'm never giving up
You with it

My brothers, my people
You and your whole world
Keep dreaming
They crochet, don't see it
Where we at now, can't believe it
Keep dreaming

[Verse 2]
Now I've been rolling round so many towns
Still the Keystone holding me down
Yo, I'm focusing now, everybody got hope in me now
So I can't get my dream up, I'm fresh fatigued up
Yes I need buzz, grinding in some lite of that
Waiting around, you ain't getting nothing out of that
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Hit the tracks with no school, I'm young and so smooth
Old schoolers know that I won't lose

Philly where they say is always sunny
And ain't nothing changed, it's all about money
The chips and cars, fast life, pick the broad
Highschool dropout, pimped out your rod
And you would understand why if you know where I come from
Houston I smoke but had it in if you want some
Yup, but things changed man, I dreamed it by the day
And now the whole town know my name


[Verse 3]
I used to skate where they hustled on the same corner
And if you staying it's a bullet with your name on it
n******gs is out of order, but still my name brought up
And they remain caught up; the same sh** from last year
Damn, my homies ain't getting it, they only been a**ist
Take it to these Benjamins, I try to tell them
By bragging about the sh** I did but it gonna end with Amen
Then they on the strip again, I think it's cool
We gonna make it and I feel it man
Cause now I'm rocking arenas and ya I'm k**ing it
We need a bunch of believers and nothing different
Cause when I started achieving, I made a difference
You feel me? Used to be the kid disturbing the block
You heard of me, right?
Verbally nice n******gs used to tell me to stop
Long flights, across coasts, do I feel like coming home?
I don't know

Cause this a small world when you dream so big
Gonna rouse trynna make it out


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