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Tayyib Ali - Do It (High School Dropout) lyrics

I'm one day away from home, a week away from traveling
I'm living on the road so studios I'm relaxing in
Official with this sh**, you can tell by how I handle it
So I be k**ing every f**ing map I'm in I'm back again
n***as trynna block me out, these ladies trynna let me in
P.A show me love cause I Keystone represent
Eighteen k**in' em' with money I'm getting fresher than will and them
Working overtime for a million
And this is hip-hop, b**h you can sit down
Bum when I was younger but I bet you want me nizzow
Ballin in bound, haters they see me shining and they frizown
But think I'm gon' stop, bleed out
Uh high numbers, all digital
Dope rhyme k**a' with my Penthouse vintage flow
So why change up
You said that you was grindin', but you ain't bruh
You on the same stuff

I'm a high school dropout
Hard with the flow
Skateboards and this weed smoke
Is all that I know
Young rebels who we are
Soon to be a superstar
Hard work hey, get on your job

Mouth full of hatred
Serious game so I don't play with it
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Whatever you got my team taking it
School of hard knocks, cla** of gentleman you late for this
So I don't think it's safe to tell you where the graduation is
Seem like everywhere I go people notice me
I'm performing at the show you left home to see
Now I'm holding G's, can't go a day without smoking weed
Murder beats, k**ing sh**, first degree
Awww man, they don't wanna start again
Turbulence is crazier than a retarded man
k**in' regardless man
These lames should be ashamed
Walking around like it's John Carter man
Now I came up, they say I changed up
It's money everywhere, hate, but we remain us
Man I'm so smooth, new n***a old-school
So recognize I won't lose

Hey yo right from the gate dog
This shouldn't be no rush
Shining on them other n***as, we just doing us
That's how I was taught
Rhyme sick, shine quick, get an island resort
Cause life too short
I'm eighteen with a flow similar to B.I.G. and Joe
East coast n***as hoes see us, and we pick and roll
Yeah that's the lifestyle
Tenth grade said f** it
Huh, look at me right now

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