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Tayyib Ali - Do It (High School Dropout) lyrics

I'm one day away from home, a week away from traveling
I'm living on the road so studios I'm relaxing in
Official with this shit, you can tell by how I handle it
So I be killing every fucking map I'm in I'm back again
Niggas trynna block me out, these ladies trynna let me in
P.A show me love cause I Keystone represent
Eighteen killin' em' with money I'm getting fresher than will and them
Working overtime for a million
And this is hip-hop, bitch you can sit down
Bum when I was younger but I bet you want me nizzow
Ballin in bound, haters they see me shining and they frizown
But think I'm gon' stop, bleed out
Uh high numbers, all digital
Dope rhyme killa' with my Penthouse vintage flow
So why change up
You said that you was grindin', but you ain't bruh
You on the same stuff

I'm a high school dropout
Hard with the flow
Skateboards and this weed smoke
Is all that I know
Young rebels who we are
Soon to be a superstar
Hard work hey, get on your job

Mouth full of hatred
Serious game so I don't play with it
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Whatever you got my team taking it
School of hard knocks, class of gentleman you late for this
So I don't think it's safe to tell you where the graduation is
Seem like everywhere I go people notice me
I'm performing at the show you left home to see
Now I'm holding G's, can't go a day without smoking weed
Murder beats, killing shit, first degree
Awww man, they don't wanna start again
Turbulence is crazier than a retarded man
Killin' regardless man
These lames should be ashamed
Walking around like it's John Carter man
Now I came up, they say I changed up
It's money everywhere, hate, but we remain us
Man I'm so smooth, new nigga old-school
So recognize I won't lose

Hey yo right from the gate dog
This shouldn't be no rush
Shining on them other niggas, we just doing us
That's how I was taught
Rhyme sick, shine quick, get an island resort
Cause life too short
I'm eighteen with a flow similar to B.I.G. and Joe
East coast niggas hoes see us, and we pick and roll
Yeah that's the lifestyle
Tenth grade said fuck it
Huh, look at me right now

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