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Tayyib Ali - Chilly Chill lyrics

[Verse 1: Tayyib Ali]
Young bossman, bitch you heard of me
Come from the ghetto blocks, hotter than the third degree
Trilladelphia is where we at all day
On my grind but my niggas couldn't wait til the law came
I'm destined to be the one that got chose
Cause since an early age man I always got flows
You running out of time, they bout to go home
And these labels tryna sign me, I already got dough
Yo, I used to think of it before
Make history in case these people don't love me no more
Got these girls up and carding
Top floor so they leave high
And since the Keystone dropped they starry-eyed
That shit's cool I guess
Never let it get to my head
Just tell her give me the head and let me get to this bread
We live our lives with a vision of success
600's and people who connect
Now that's swagger

[Verse 2: Aziz]
I buzz steady, the bud real headdi man
Carry like gentleman feelin like im ready damn
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Cause my grinds heavy like a sumo, you rappers culo
A-Z-I numero uno got that black and blue flow
Beat a beat up and ice pack its bruised nose
Kick the microphuno to a new row whenever I do shows
And then I e-z pass to a new road
Wild rebels runnin through tolls Whenever my crew rolls
Wchief in public because Mass got the luphole
In the Common joints stretching longer than Manute Bol
Eyelids we got two closed and I don't even care
Cause we ain't the only ones getting zooted round here
Ya hear? yeah You can't ask about the kid
The “it factor” in pocket, so is passion when he spits
First nigga so ill that he's actually sick
Yo Tayyib, here's the L we can pass it, take a rip, never trip
And quit the chit chat
You buggin me out now homie now wassup
We jus doin the same old thing
We only young once and we gotta maintain

Chillay Chillay Chillay Chillay Chillay Chill
Chillay Chillay Chillay Chillay Chillay Chill

Aziz and Tayyib Ali, Daydreams of a Spaceshot

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