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Tayyib Ali - Charlie Brown Remix lyrics

Lucy: Say Charlie Brown, I've got a football. How about practicing a few place kicks?
Charlie Brown: You must think I'm stupid
Lucy: Oh come on Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown: No!
Lucy: This time, you can trust me
Charlie Brown: You just want me to come running up to kick that ball so you can pull it away and see me lie flat on my back and k** myself

Just clap your hands to the beatbox
Just clap your hands to the beat
Just clap your hands to the beatbox
Just clap your hands to the beat
Just clap your hands to the beatbox
Just clap your hands to the beat
Just clap your hands to the beatbox
Just clap your hands to the beat

[Verse One: Jared Evan]
I get up too late and I head to the cla**room
I'm wondering why I'm wasting my time, losing my mind
Every day at school, they all laugh at me
They say “Charlie Brown, you're such a tragedy”
Picking on me in the parking lot
Just swallow your pride, don't cough it up

So I tell them hit the road, what you coming at me for?
To all the people that hear me, you could win the fight
But no matter where the wind blows, nothing ever goes my way, oh whoa
No, they won't stop chasing me anyway, anyway
And this black cloud follows me every day, every day
But I won't be my own worst enemy, enemy
And bring me down, I'm Charlie Brown

[Verse Two: Emilio Rojas]
I was showing up for homeroom and skipping all my cla**es
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I miss religion, f**ing Crystal in the bathroom, she was screaming “Oh god”
Saw that as a compromise, teacher said that I was smart as hell
But I ain't wanna try, I ain't apply myself, lunch table by myself
Broke in a rich school, they treated me like hired help
I'm sitting down, thinking how to get these millions
The dudes ain't f**ing with me ‘cause I'm hitting all they women
I'm sitting in detention, reckless with affection
I hit my Spanish teacher on the desk after a lesson (Ay papi)
My white cla**mates, they used to laugh and call me Hector
So I had to use my f**ing hand sk**s and check ‘em, pah
Ain't no respect for authority because they never gon' respect us minorities
They said I'd never be the man, now let's catch me out in France
Out in Cannes, on a motherf**ing gorgeous beach

[Verse Three: WAX]
Mister big man picking on the miniature
Loves to watch him hit the floor, oh so insecure
They require victims to inflate they own ego
Somebody gonna own ‘em like Craig on Deebo
I ain't saying in the form of a fight
I'm talking about your future in the form of your life
Enjoy high school, your twenties ain't looking so bright
The pregnant cheerleader, that b**h ain't looking so tight, she like…

[Verse Four: Tayyib Ali]
Uh, hold up, pose for the cameras, the lights are bright
I feel blinded just from standing here, the same kid from the hallway
But now I'm balling all day, hanging like a chandelier
And with a lot of crews only with my family near
So with a right or a left hook, I probably make a hit song
For myself and your mans and them, my money stacking like textbook
They ain't f** with me before so…


Lucy: Nice try Charlie Brown

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