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Tasty TooK - Level 3 lyrics

[Verse 1: Tasty TooK]

Who's that Tasty man
Who's that? who's that Frenchy Guy
Yeah that's TooK, you girl is fan
She love the Facebook and Instagram

Man jam
I travel too much when I'm high watch that tan
I'm Like a gypsy in his caravan
Trust me fam I blow up the place like a taliban

I smoke too much I'm a ganjaman
Say my name 5 times Candyman
Tasty is a clutch like Jordan
"Sayonara" Kamikaze from Japan

Yeah I've got big plan
Even if my uncle's name is not Sam
I'm a bad guy like Meridian Dan
Goin' out with a head shot like Zinedine Zidane

[Verse 2: Billy]

Silly man goin' in like cancer
Bring a can roach cheese and rizla
Trust me fam man's cold like freezer
You should expect ice even in Kinshasa

Back stronger, get bigger
Better faster than Felipe Ma**a
It's the come back I was training with the Masia
French mafia ready to play with the Barça

This is my game
Billy Baldwin that's my nickname
Im spinin' MCs US Open
Your ears let me go deep inside your brain

Always ridin' with Tasty and Mago
It still the Perfect Hand Crew gang bro
Mash up the party like a sick big rhino
Can't get f**ed by fake chicks Ronaldo

[Verse 3: Tasty TooK]

Yes I'm french don't talk about snails
Yeah I'v got bars and I don't mean jails
I am a winner you can't do better
You can't go harder you will just fail

Tasty is sick go tell a friend
It's big music not about how much money
That I'm gonna spend
So go tell a friend that tell a friend and again

Its Tasty TooK Perfect Hand
Perfect foot Perfect gang
On a grime loop Perfect slang
Me and my troop make the migraine skank

Yeah a tank called Tasty
Man spit bars but it still a hobby
When I'm here, everything clear I murk MC
Shut your mouth you can't f** with the Frenchy

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[4 bars // x2]

No one is enough crazy
Not enough crazy to be crazy with the craziest
Yes Tasty the greatest I am the sickest
Man I can't get pissed

I said
Man I can't get pissed can't get angry
Standard I just eat man when I'm hungry
I'm like the blizzard when I MC
Flow's cold in this world see me I'm a grizzlie

I can't get bored man I'm too busy
My face on a billboard man I'm too Tasty
Encore bars comin' sharply
I am a grime lord man I grime daily

[Verse 4: Billy]

Spit my first bar and the MC is done
Your chick is in my car it's gonna be more fun
I see u from far like a dad see his son
Billy've got bars, none of them man've got some

Man if you dare
Come with the mandem man I don't care
You've got bare lyrics, I ain't scared
You know where we are, we blazin' upstairs

More we high
More we're on the top
Spittin' from the sky, waitin' for the drop
I keep my rhymes tight, I can't stop won't stop
I don't spread lie, I spread the frenchtalk

Stay locked, no joke
Knock knock
I appear in a cloud of smoke
Skinny MC not like The Rock
But man's quicker than Usain Bolt

[Verse 5: Tasty TooK]

Roll the leaf, man take a hit
Bun your spliff man jam take a sit
Talk to the Milf and grab her tits
She s** my cock with my socks on my feet

I'm so high on the Kilimandjaro
Chinese eyes like Ming Yao
Like a Samouraï I don't tell joke
The f**in' french guy always on the top

Blud you should stop
There is not enough weed to smoke
Not enough rhum too much coke
When I say something, trust my frenchtalk

Bars locked
I'm k**in' with a head shot
Head gone man your brain's blocked
You're broke, you s**, you're f**ed
If you wanna win MC we wish you Good Luck !


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