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Task Force - I Wish lyrics

(feat. Eno Red Rum)

[Farma G]
If I had longer arms I would push the clouds away
If I could climb behind your eyes to see how you saw me
I would the paint the world brightly and make the oceans see through
I would banish all vanity, we all can be beautiful
Seldom have I held a shell and heard the sea
Normally I'm woken up by the sound of the street
If only it was me, who married Mother Nature
If I could be her lover, more than ground would quake
I could be moonraker, turning stones in space
I could go to Mars and build an image of my face
If I had visions of death I would take out my eye
If only God created me with the ability to fly,
I would take my flag and fly it and stay close to the sun
One day I'll fly away because the world is gone
If I destroyed the hierarchy would it bring anarchy?
If I could level out the good and bad energies
I would strive for peace,
In all lands and tongues
In the names of royal sons and daughters born with earthly wisdom
If only I could have known TV makes you alter
Brain waves left dormant,
You'll never interfere

If I had a wish I'd wish for infinite wishes
Though there's no hope in wishing if they don't come true
Childhood's got me clutching to dreams already broken
Singing, wishing and hoping stark naked in the open

[Chester P (Farma G)]
If I had a wish I'd wish myself a brighter day
If that wish came true then I'd try and wish again
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If I could turn into water I'd jump into the sea
And if I became you then I would go and talk to me
If I became Time I'd wonder how long would I last?
And would the future never happen if I became the past?
If I was currency I would proudly kill myself
I seldom heard the sounds of the seaside inside a shell
(He wakes up to the streets as well)
But if only I didn't,
If only I was living in harmony with natures rhythm
And if I was a wizard I would conjure up a butterfly water lady
Then become her water baby
If I was a genius I'd invent a time machine, then go back into time
And change the way we used to be
But if I was a genius I guess I would have knew,
There's no hope in wishing if they don't come true


[Eno Red Rum]
If I had a wish, I'd wish for summer all year
If I could walk around this planet with no feeling of fear
I would change the world's shape and turn the sky turquoise
I'd let you watch my whole life by looking into my eyes
My seashell's empty, no sea side memory
I wish my sleep weren't disturbed by the street
If I could be a bomb, would I self-destruct?
And if you ran out of time, would I give a fuck?
I wish MPCs were only 25p
And my music was the thing that brung entire world peace
I wish, I wish I had a wish
If I could breath underwater I would stroll with the fish
If only I had been Adam running naked through the trees
I would make the earth my garden and plant thousands of seeds
If I had been your father figure you long would have knew
Don't believe in wishes cos they don't come true

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