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Tash - Bully Foot lyrics

[Busta Rhymes]
Yeah yeah yeah yeah my name is, Bust-Down-Some'n
And I am alongside, Alkaholiks-In-Some'n
sh** feel good n***a, what the f** y'all want?
Let me feel on some b**hes, with this bully foot rap

Now, every-time-I-give-y'all-sh**-that
Blow up the spot, f** what you got
And bless and execute strategical plots
That's to "Extinction Level Event" these wack n***as offa this block
Me and Tha Alkaholiks havin a drink; watchin y'all n***as get sick
Holdin ya stomachs 'til you earl in the sink
The type of dude I never put in my clicks; because you funny
And you be sittin down with your legs crossed like a b**h
I be the foul mouth quick to toast y'all, so-called
n***as who like to boast we let your bodies float along the coast y'all
This very given moment, opponent; n***as like you
Ain't allowed up in our circle cause we DON'T condone it
We love to microphone it, perhaps
What we gon' do instead is give y'all gutter beats and raw SEWAGE raps
And for the last thing that I'mma make clear
That when we present watch your step when you be COMIN round here

[Hook: Busta Rhymes]
Blow up the spot (f** what you got, we got)
sh** for the East and the South and the West coast
We blazin hot (controllin the block, you better)
To make ya duck (said get down n***a what?) You know
To bounce in the truck (aiyyo, get with the funk, y'know)

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This world's tryin to make me crack, but it still ain't broke me
I fall down and just rebound like Charles Oakley
Hoes be like all he wanna do is poke me
b**h what you think I wanna do, the hokey pokey?
Her boyfriend Smokey said he was gonna smoke me
Her daddy crazy loc he tried to beat me and choke me
And she still want me, keep blowin up my Noki'
Tryin to provoke me to fall for okey-dokey
Don't quote me boy, cause I ain't said sh**
I'm just spittin liquid in the middle of the pit
Turn it up a bit, burn it up and hit the bomb
I'm iller than Sadaam takin Carrie's mom to the prom
Cool and calm, Macken-Ro, Likwid don
Bust rounds with Busta Rhymes, then I roll up, one
You got ice I got ice, but who nice on these mics?
{*scratched: "You motherf**er!"*}


We out for justice so bust this it's Busta and the Alkies
n***as wanna know the secret but they just can't get it out me
So they talk that sh** about me but to me that's never not
They pop that sh** across the room while I down another shot
I smoke a hefty bag of doz and black out, and lose composure
Close my eyes and throw a bottle (I'm f**in up) this party over
I still got that flare so just stare from over there
Cause I'm so accurate with guns I put parts in n***as hair
So I declare war - Tha Liks, we fierce competitors
The feds be checkin fo' us writin letters to these editors like
"Tha Liks is veterans - they straight from California
We ain't even give a f** when they sprayed that beer on us" like
{RRRRAHHH RAARRRAOW} just like a Dungeon Dragon
Taggin Tash up on the wall while my pants is saggin
Draggin n***as through the mud clear blood all through the club
The quickest way to show some love is let a n***a hit your bud


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