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Tash - Bird's Eye View lyrics

[Produced by Diamond]

[Verse 1: Xzibit]
When it comes to sh** like this
I always get it right the first time
Playa haters and snakes waiting for mistakes
But that's the breaks, the highs and lows of the industry
D.I.T.C. and X to the Z
Get it crackin' to the third degree
Xzibit breakin' n***as down like H.I.V
We bring rap to your city like B.E.T
But still feel California is the place to be, catastrophe

[Verse 2: Tash]
The Alkaholiks is back to fry you extra crispy
With the sk**s that make the plots to try and diss me extra risky
Cause the time it takes to infiltrate and stop my forward motion
California will have broken off and fell into the ocean
Cause I rocked around the world with my ill type sk**
Step for real or I'll leave your grill scarred like Seal
Cause I regulate the sectin where the drinks is getting blended
Certified bartender, go catch the 40 when I send it your way

[Verse 3: Xzibit]
n***as that hustle till the day light break
Go to county 20 times, till can't go straight
Don't nothing in the motherf**ing world come free
I'll never see a nine to five cause it just ain't me
(It's like this)
Xzibit shall hustle, lift, build muscle
And think like Russell
Survive and bring it live and direct
To any crowd throughout the world like this
Come home and smoke a spliff in the Benz with Swift

I'm f**ed up, J-Ro

Yeah, I'm f**ed up too
Looking at these b**hes from a bird's eye view
My name is J-Ro from the Likwit Crew

[Hurricane G]
[Lyrics from: https:/]
So what n***a is it you wanna do?

[Verse 4: J-Ro]
My flow is metaphorical, historically correct
What do you expect from a n***a with my intellect?
East coast representing West coast gangsta
Nah, I ain't tripping, I call up King Tee, we go dipping
Through the streets pumping hardcore Likwit beats
Flowing air, blowing, lounging in them leather seats
Thinking back how we used to rock the house party
Now we just f**ing it up for everybody

[Verse 5: Xzibit]
How dare you try to compare yourself to the original
Professional Xzibit break you down like correctional facility's
Limit all capabilities, motherf** MC's
Hard to read like Japanese
I'm spreading like disease so I can't be stopped
By who you run with, your clique or the b**h a** cops
Xzibit's first LP, it hit your black like crack rock
I'm blowing up your spot by remote, instant cut throat

[Verse 6: J-Ro]
I"m from Cristal-ifornia, I warned ya I'd be on ya
I'm off the paint like velvet paintings, make your mama mourn ya
The Ro is outer national, cold as Henne-sota
I smoke 12 MC's a day just to fill my quota
From Fourty Ohio all the way to Ore-gin
Buddy, my fingers are bloody, now I'm Washing-ten
I clown from Brew-york down to Mai-tai-ami
I soak up game like a shamm,y understand me?


[Verse 7: Tash]
So Elizabeth it's MC's that's coming to join ya
Some will be from NYC and some will be from California
Cause I drop the lyrics on you from beneath the Earth's surface
Where I write rhymes so fresh I try to bite my own verses
Cause the purpose of my flow is to let you know
My style is badder than the water down in Mexico
Cause RICO blend styles like juice and gin
I got the Likwit sh** that have you seeing double like the Twins


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