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Tash - 40 Oz Quartet Part II lyrics

{*audience applauds*}
Lazy-a** gentlemans, quiet down quiet down please
I'd like to welcome all y'all intoxicated-a** n***as
To the X.O. Experience
For this next selection was played on the forty ounce bottles
So without further adieu, please put yo' bottles to yo' lips
And bring to stage live on here tonight
The 40 Oz Quarter - gentlemans, take it away

Tash is known for the bangin bashs
So on the way out I be slangin aspirins
Hella friends we know said we short a couple sandwiches
They f**ed theyself up and tried to sue us for damages
Spanish kids be pa**in us tequila
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'til we bagged they senoritas off them nine margaritas
We take 'em back to Filas, kick off our new Adidas
We off the chain, we off the hook, we off the motherf**in meters
We off the.. we ahh.. we off that liquor with the.. with the..
Ay, ay hold up man I'm seein
I'm seein pink elephants, blue clovers, and green stars
Ay man I'm up here f**ed up man ay
That don't stop my flow
Ay straight up shout out to the West coast man
Thanks for supportin your boys through the years
It's been beers sweat and tears but we still here
The Likwid Crew, Columbus Ohio
Suave Management, Loud Records
All the homies coast to coast overseas and everywhere else man
I just wanna say that.. The Liks.. {*throws up*} {*laughter*}

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