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Tash - 151 lyrics

All b**hes come and kick it with me
Weed smokers come and hit it with me
Alkaholiks come and sip it with me
Uh-huh - Alkaholiks come and hit it with me
(Tell 'em about yo'self Tash)
Alkies come and kick it with me
(I said tell 'em about yo'self Tash)
Say what folk? Say what? Aight, yo

I got a pa**ion for fashion, fast cars and livin triflin
A sweet tooth for mic booths hoes and "Rap Life'n" it
Everybody know Big Tash is unstoppable
Flashy Tashy fly a**a**in poppin everything that's poppable
Pop a collar, pop a wheelie, pop up at yo' house
Poppin bottles in your lawn, tell your pops you're goin out
Hip-Hop no doubt that's what it's about
But I'mma tell y'all n***as once, y'all better read my mouth
f** bein broke, cause bein broke ain't no joke
Broke n***as always askin to smoke
Let me bust y'all down with a West coast heater
If y'all girls is gettin hot, throw on my wife beater
Drink a whole liter, get buzzed and clown
(?) might wobble but he don't fall down
Peace to Dogg Pound, let's have some fun
Tha Alkaholiks in this b**h off that one-five-one

[Hook: Xzibit]
I, am a, Alkaholik n***a
Top dollar if you ain't up on it you gotta
Move back I'm off that one-fifty-one right
Stumblin, throwin up, just lost my eyesight
I, am a, Alkaholik n***a
Top dollar if you ain't up on it you gotta
Bang hoes that want new clothes but get nada

Make 'em shout - now how the f** we gonna work it out?
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Turn it out - we'll smash and bang and blow a circuit out
Alkies - we heat the party to the third degree
f** with me - then I'll beat you down verbally
Here we come - Tha Liks ain't never been the ones to run
Just for fun - puttin Remi in our water guns
Where ya at - puffin hash in the f**in (?)
f** that - most rappers I don't even really feel 'em
Likwid MC's - flow like the breeze blowin through the trees
You know my steez - I burn bleeds while I count my cheese
Aiyyo - MackinRo ain't never punkin out
Say bro - so n***a what the hell you funk about?
Where you from - you know the Pactown(?) is the city
Dee dum dum - but I'm known to get down to the nitty
Strip club - c'mere baby let me see your titties
Give me a dub - naw f** that, n***a bring a fitty


So for the next twenty seasons Tha Liks is gettin even
While we "drop drop, drop, drop it like" it's freezin
Party down for no reason - I'll play hoop with the spins
I even celebrate the loss when the other team wins (YAY!)
f**in with my friends, DJ Twinz and Red
You might catch that quick fast two-piece with no bread
(You heard what he said) Yeah loud and clear
Aiyyo J where you at?

Tash I'm right the f** here
Listen up - you standin in the corner smokin drinkin
Empty cup - now you all f**ed up with broken thinkin
D.U.I. - now how the f** you gon' get home?
Don't even try - I hope you ain't gon' try to drive alone
Watch that curve - cause if you do you might lose control
You start to swerve - cruisin wrappin sh** around a pole
It ain't your day - you in a wheelchair like oh no!
Now you say - I was gonna go professional


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