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Tash Mahogany - Into You lyrics

[Intro: The Reverend William Burk]
We going platinum, Rah, check

[The Reverend William Burk]
Yo, I was on a mission walking down Stoney Island on the way towards Church's Chicken
Finna help myself to a big heaping fixin', of about six wings and seven biscuits
When I seen this chick from a bit of a distance
So I gets the notion to go get the digits, this instance
She was bad too, had a juicy booty and a Chi-Town tattoo
I asked her, "What did it do?"
They call me The Reverend and I sho' am impressed with you
sh**, it's like a blessing ta view
I seen you from across the street, needed a close up too
Ooh, so I approached with game, such an incredible thing
To see you walk when you off the chain, true
So what I 'pose we do, is that we get ourselves something to drink
And even something to chew
Then take it back to the crib
I'm off 86 sugar pie, baby where do you live?
She say she 75th, but her momma in the house doing hair with a bunch of the kids
And wanted her to bring her some ribs
I said "You dig on swine?", she said "Nah, that's them in they biz"
Say well this the thing, you need to be with me, you need to be on my team
You looking so fine, it's like I'm having a dream
How's about Kenny's BBQ and Ice Cream?
She said, "Kenny's BBQ and Ice Cream? He got ribs, tips, fish and even chicken wings"
Right, so we can do our thing, gon' retch in ya purse and give me some green
Gon retch in ya purse and give me some green
Gon retch in ya purse and give me some green
So we dropped the pork off, then I broke off
Hand on her thigh and the sh** was so soft
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She rolled up a blunt for something to toke off
I'm in the crib eating, and smoking at no cost
Take, take, take, taking no loss
She say Rev, you a sho' nuff boss
I could tell by the gold in your grill
And the game that you spill and the way you sho' floss

[Hook 2X: Tash Mahogany]
Baby, you got me, into you
And I'll do anything you want
Baby, you got me, into you
And I'll do anything you want

[Rugged Monk]
Forgive me God, for committing these sins
f**ing these birds and f**ing they friends
Serving all night, trying to make these ends
Smoking sherm, sniffing coke, sipping juice and gin
Flipping these hoes off double stacked pills
Til I met my match and I wanted to chill
But her n***a acted ill, posted with an ice grill
n***a, you bluffing, you know you ain't busting
Say you was, and you know you wasn't
Say you does, and you know you doesn't
Tony the Tiger be f**ing his cousin
Hoes I got, yeah, dime a dozen
Have 'em huffin, screaming and cussin'
Put that butter on an English muffin
Bang on that a** like a tight percussion
Bang on that a** like a tight percussion


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