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Tash Mahogany - Black Mozart lyrics

[Kung fu sample]
*sounds of fighting*
Stupid fool, you're forcing me to k** you!

[Intro: Raekwon]
Yeah, you know how it go
Fresh from the stationary hall of justice
Real rhyming, real movement, real life
Word up, we just chilling, ten bottles of Krug on the wall
Youknowhatimsaying? Straight up, for real
Yo, RZA, talk to these n***as, man, let's go, man, for real
Yo, Rah, what up? Let's go, yeah, gangsta sh**, groovy sh**
Raw sh**, secret indictment sh**, yeah
Secret indictments, be careful, n***as
For real, let's go

[Hook: RZA & Tash Mahogany]
You better get that money, no matter, what you do
You gotta get that money, and represent your crew
And keep it true

As reaper stay sprayed, still n***as is smoked
Four in his pocket, a diamoned up chain and some coke
Champion hood, the goodies in a brown bag, by the radiator
Near the cookies and the bundles of dope
Fishscalers, I live in elevators and gross
All this paper, profit make her lay there and post
With them Adidas that Bruce wore, stay in the juice bar
All I know if you saw me, you thought I was broke
Black, yo, I been hustling since n***as was busting guns
And scuffling, and jumping n***as over some coats
We play the S&S rooftop, Latin Quarter, Polo popes
Who hung out with all the Eighthers and GOAT's

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[Interlude: Inspectah Deck]
Yo RZA, you crazy man
This that Black Mozart sh**, right here

[Inspectah Deck]
Yo, I used to scramble hard, radio strapped, to the handlebars
Fifty deep, in the lobby large, rocking camouflage
Dark Caesar holding my nuts, played the building front
Fifth of Henny, throw a little snow in the blunt
Just growing up, schooled by O.G.'s, holding O's and up
Daily new drama unfold, they popped 'em over, what?
It's so rough, nobody know him, so what?
Aiyo, the money's close by, homey, show me the stuff
Borough hopping, copping bricks, bags, burners and kicks
City slickers, circling the strip, working them tricks
Like friday night cruise in the Coupe, new valor suit
Fruit flavored kicks, taking flicks out in 40 Deuce
Farmer jeans, hammer swing, tucked in the loot
How they hit Miss Fisher, they was busting at suit
Up in 54, underground, parrot and Q
Made man with the grey shams, wrapping the boo
Stay flam, every day, fam, stacking my loot
Eighty grams in the cake, bam, packages flew
Sipping pa**ion fruit, Alize, in back of the Ooh

We soldiers, boy, we soldiers
Bake cakes, hundred dollar bill holders
We soldiers, boy, we soldiers
Bighead, I thought I told ya
We soldiers, boy, we soldiers
Bake cakes, hundred dollar bill holders
Bighead, I thought I told ya
We soldiers, boy, we soldiers


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