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Talen Ted - Voodoo Child Remix lyrics

[Verse 1: Jayy Starr]

My minds gone but I'm open wide
My eyes low but I'm so, high
Let me welcome you to the bayou
Cross the guru don't try to, skin ya scalp now you Caillou
Fortune tellers shown what I seek
And I ain't slept in about a week
They said you gotta earn ya' keep
Well s*** I feel like the whole universe belongs to me
Third eye visions of gold prisms
But society says we'll only see inside of prisons
Damn, a harsh reality we're born into
And don't underestimate what a woman scorn would do
These b****** out here plotting, these n***** out here jockin
And as long as the users using the dealers steady copping
While the eagle eye is watching
But we ain't worried bout it long as the bottles keep popping, right

[Verse 2: K.V.]

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They done messed up, and let me on
I got Jayy Starr 'finna come take the throne
One 16 k**ing off your whole song
We go hard like watching models in their thongs
Too high like they pa**ed the bong
And I don't go back and forth, ill pa** on pong
I'm too gone, shouldn't let me on my zone
And they did now I'm on, and they say I'm wrong
Ha...yeah I feel that
I'm wanted now cause I k** tracks
They rapping just to spit bars and what not
Me? I rap cause I spit facts
Both eyes on the road, third eye on the prize and the gold
My girl, oh my, centerfold. Say you better than me? Y'all getting bold
Yeah...Government got us locked in
We don't trip off of that cause they give us stores to go shop in
In the dark of the night up in Gotham city with Robin
All these rappers is queer like their idol is Dennis Rodman
Maybe I crossed the line, I just need a lane I can hop in
Only ones I respect are Gambino, Dizzy, and Hopsin
They say that I should worry. "What happens when you ain't hot then?"
We ain't worried bout it long as the bottles keep popping

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