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Tala Sol - Conquer the World lyrics

Verse 1:
I wrote the suburban script
To the movie I call life
Dedicated to the homies
That won't back down
Without a fight
Im the thrilla in manila
Go ask if anyone trilla
Imma boxer in the ring
I'm the greatest call me Ali
I bring pain you already know
I hittem dead with my Asian flow
You call me cold
Is it because the amount of cares I hold
Maybe its time to letem know what I'm all about
I was a wimpy kid from the burbs now you fear me cause of my words
I put all my chips on the table
Knowing my mind is unstable
There's no way I can fold
Cause soon as I spit my flow
My lyrics explode
Its excellent
I exceed in excellence
Better bow down to the king
Cause I'm higher than the ceiling
Respect my conglomerate
I will bust your rhymes
Me and my team don't have much time
Cause we stay on our grind
Never define who I am cause you will never know
Let me tell you what

I'm working day and night
Just tryin' to take flight
I don't care what you've heard
So what I'm from the burbs
That doesn't matter cause I'm not scared to let it show
Never forget where you came from
Represent your hometown
Let'em know you on now
Don't be afraid to take the heat
Soon they'll all be beat
Just conquer the world
Just conquer the world

[Verse 2:]
Get up don't ever feel down
Let'em know you run this town
Don't make a frown
Go n get that crown
Success is your destination
Your enemy is procrastination
But once you make it
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You'll be in fascination
And you'll be known across the nation
Never give up
Never let go
Keep striving till you reach your goal
Keep goin' till you can't go no more
Haters can try their luck
But we never gave a f**
Keep your mind on that green
And all you need is your team
k**'em with success like the boy lil crazed
Soon everybody will be amazed
The haters gotta phase
You gotta get that cake
Be real never fake
Your here for the taking
Conquer this world
Take the throne
The crowns rightfully mine
s**as get in line
Cause bull ain't worth my time
Time is money
Mo money comes mo problems
Its the fresh prince of the Midwest
Peasants bow down
AJD you gotta address


[Verse 3:]
I rep for my city
I run my state
I'm tired of dreaming
Ill soon be beaming
All you muthaf**as doubted me
But now who is the underground king
I don't need to be above the surface
I know my purpose
I won't stop till I'm in that hearse
For now I k** every verse
To every song and ever joint
All you rappers lost your poise
Make it bang no weaponry
Because the flow I spit is so deadly
My stupidly is crazy and my mind is chevy
So I must do what I do to always because if your not first your last
I'm Ricky Bobby fast
My team always mobbin'
Haters floppin'
No Miami Heat
I'm so ahead of the league
Its not even considered a feat
Coppin' all the trophies cause winning is a habit
Keep doing what you love cause then you'll be right above


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