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Takamaru - Instinctus Fire Squad (freestyle) lyrics

(Fear intro)
Y'all diss my nigga Yami like that? the fuck...
Y'all thinking we ain't gonna do shit about it either?
Damn got me fucked up
Yo ears yo fuzz i hate you niggas
Yo taka yo maka let's get this shit

(Fear Chorus)

Why are all these niggers on my dick?
Haters gonna hate, We gotta end this shit quick
Tell me, why you got us wasting all our time?
When you know we gonna kill it
With our every verse and every rhyme
Damn Why you flaming yami like a bitch?
You just dissed the wrong niggas
Leave you face down in a ditch
Nigga got your mom crying on the floor
Gotta identify the body at the morgue

[Verse 1: Fear]
There's no other way i can say it, our clan the greatest
And my name in your mouth so much you'd think I'm famous
This beat contagious, This verse is for you fuzzy, I got these killer bars and vicious flows, that leave ya nigga brainless
Now fuzz think he the one
Talking shit on xat for fun
But we all know the truth , that ya fat ass weigh a ton, that you've never seen the sun
We all know you can't run, We line you up against the wall and shoot you niggas one by one
Im lyrically superior nothing more I can say
And I'm done with the jokes about how much you weigh
Im a predator , its time for me to look for new prey
We know your secret ears and I'ma put it out on display
He don't want you to know but this nigga gets it both ways
He tell people he got a girl but his boyfriend name ray
And he love to eat ass like my homegirl Jhene
Hell suck a nigga dick and the ass the entree
Now some of yall might think that I took this too far
Saying fear let up, this assault gonna leave a scar
But I'm a savage nigga, hate is in my repertoire
And on god nigga i hope you get hit by a car
Yea cause this My intuition, more like me disposition
To respond to these haters talking shit now thats my mission
Niggas bitching got my trigga finger itchin
To blast one of you niggas thats always out here trippin
Now ears talks shit but we all know whats up
Self esteem and anxiety issues always make you chokeup
Talk shit behind your computer cause you scared from closeup
How you diss my nigga yomi you better back the fuck up
You a clown nigga and you must have got me fucked up
Cause ill never let up, look you in the eyes then wind up
Knock you on ya ass need ya boys to pick you back up
You go down and then up nigga like a pushup
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You just got bodied nigga and you wished you never stepped up
That goes for all you hating niggas who think you can cut
My lyrics are like bullets nigga spray em all in your gut
Beat you till your dead nigga man i don't give a fuck
Im a savage, god my witness, I'm bout to fuck a trick up

(Takamaru's Chorus)
Why are all these niggas on our dick
Haters gonna hate we gotta end this shit quick
Haters why you got us wasting all our time?
When you know we gonna kill it with every verse and rhyme
Why yall flaming yomi like a bitch?
You just dissed the wrong niggas leave you faced down in a ditch
Got ya clan dying on the floor
Gotta identify the bodies as a morgue

(Takamaru's bridge)
When i come at fuzz and ears i intend to kill
With this verse imma give you half of my will
Fucked up coming at the wrong fucking kings
Silver surfing bullet split yall fucking head clean
The diss to yomi was a major fail
After this you'll be place in a cell if you can tell
Its hidden in a spell far down deeper then hell
With this verse i hope it dont end well

[Verse 2: Takamaru]
What kind of boxer call himself fuzzy you ass wipe
Nigga think cause he in ivy he can get hype
Think cause he in ivy he is callum hype
You got ran over by kira because yo graphics ain't right
Humble yourself you ain't nice, you just aiight
Ya persona ain't right, you a child on thin ice
GMs deleted the post he carried on and typed
Like what drake did to meek in august "he ain't write"
Come at yomi and get rocked this is not your night
Sending orange flashes to his box, this is not skype
The situation won't end cause he started some shit
Put the longhorn sign under my chin when i eat a bitch
Didn't even know that ears of god was back
Time to state facts, you're fucking wack god of ear wax
Clan only known to talk smack, life is what the lack
Use the net to cover that, hiding behind a keyboard where they at?
Bite they apple now they mac, now the fish on land they flap
Wrap them in rubber.... like a new stack
Headshot... a free red cap
Taka preach.... and instinct snap
Killing kids like the columbine massaca, lets wrap it up
No filter, lets laugh it up, do it in front of the saddest bunch
Ears and fuzz funeral we shoot they casket up, bastard fucks
Fear and taka for yomi come in clutch

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