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Tae Fortune And Young Smoke - Dead To Die lyrics

[Hook:]I'm dieing x12

[Verse 1: Tae Fortune]

I'm dieing slow, like everyday,
It's going on a speed at it's on pace,
I'm left here down dieing slow, feel
Like I have nothing else to live for,
I thought I had you guess I was wrong
You left me in the wind, yea you know
You left me alone, I thought I was gone
Be with you forever but you left, I guess
U didn't even know what you wanted left
You didn't even know and couldn't even
Excepted what you wanted, you left me,
You had me crying every fukkin morning,
Nights and days I thought about you
Everyday that went by, I'm dieing slow
For some reason and aint no lie, I had
A reason to feel the way that I had felt
Cuz I had thought that I was gonna be forever
But I was deaf, guess I was blind but I neva
Saw it coming I neva heard it but I know I saw
It in the coming and the future that I kind of saw
It had slowed down I'm dieing slow and then I know

[Hook:]I'm dieing x12
[Verse 2:Tae Fortune]
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I jus seen it drift away like I'm the wind,
I'ma flock birds flying in the wind, gota
Get away some way so I get piece but as long
As I'm thinking about you that want be no
Reason why that I should lay down, why should
I just come down, have you in outside and I
Have you come round but you aint no around cuz
You just done left me, for someone for your
Condition that you aint healthy with but if
You wanna be that way then go head, you being
The stupid one, you being with someone that aint
There, that aint their for you, that live you
Dead to die, that to had force with s** with you
And that's no lie, I mean, I mean, I'm being honest
And that's my dream you left me dead to die and
That's the honest truth and god knows that I'm telling
You the truth, I don't mean to be the one to make a
Scene, I hurt somebody feelings cuz I had my heart broken
And now I'm out of words that are spoken, u left, u left
I'm dieing slow, and I don't know what else to do, u left me
Dead to die, u left me here to die, I'm sitting here crying
Everyday, tryna make these tears fade away, tryna make
These tears disappear cuz aint right for me to cry over
Something so Meer, I understand it's been so much for me to
Bear, some point I don't even say I don't care, I got so
Much love for you and now I aint got nothing else left to
Do, u left me dead to die, you left me here to rot u left me

[Hook:]I'm dieing x12

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