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Imagine a singer somewhere between a jazz diva and Siouxsie Sioux, backed by an alternative rock band a la Rage Against the Machine. Then you'll have a rudimentary indication of Tadpole's sound. With far-flung influences: the Police, Soundgarden, Incubus, James Brown, it's towards modern rock their sound resonates with the trio of Dean (Dino) Lawton's brash clear drumming complimenting Paul (Bol) Matthews' ba** and especially Chris Yong's savage fretwork which could leave slash marks on your speakers! However it is the unmistakable presence of Renee Brennan that makes Tadpole unique. Typical tracks include the relentless stormers "Alright," and "Better Days." For subtle varience "No Man" and "Music Box" present deft touches. Tadpole have risen to become one of New Zealand's biggest bands on the strength of just one album, The Buddhafinger released through Antenna/EMI in 2000. Between playing over 155 gigs they have found time to commence their second album which paradoxically includes "Nothing New." ~ Kelvin Hayes, All Music Guide

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