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T3 - Count The Ways lyrics

[Hook: Dwele]
Theres many ways to touch ya
I been thinkin of you
Let me count the ways to f** you
You're all I want girl

Theres many ways to touch ya
I been thinkin of you
Let me count the ways to f** you
You're all I want girl (echo)

[Verse 1: T3]
It goes day one
I would take her on a short vacation
Some place to chill, probably some place warm
Don't pack nothin but bathin suits and shorts hon'
And thats for real girl
And then step two
When you land off the plane up in Malibu
Limo, chauffer service awaits you
Champagne open and the sunroof too
Black Leather interior trimmed in powder blue
We roll out then we shift to step three
Hotel accomodation is lovely
There's no way they hand us the wrong key
Top floor you know the penthouse suite
It's plushed out, theres six rooms for two weeks
Theres 3 beds, 2 baths, 1 jacuzzi
You got a wardrobe sittin in ya dresser draw
Thats when el steps in to setup step four

[Hook: Dwele]

[Verse 2: Elzhi]
Yeah, theres lingerie and a blindfold with handcuffs
Chardinay for the wardro and cameras
So we can play back this moment in a DVD
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And mama send this bad truck through the 3 tvs
The waters runnin for your bath now we at step five
Givin you head .. ? .. like bein baptised
Dryin you off and let you get inside your neglige
Pour some wine like the dro and let the record play
Dwele g track 10 thats my favourite edge
You blazin with me we laughin and on our way to six
Stick my tongue in ya ear and set the mood right
Hit the balcony and grind you in the moonlight
You horny off the gentle breeze before we're off of six
Dab some wine on ya nipples and lick it of your tits
Now we enterin seven and you just can't wait
Its like you enterin heavens gates when we make eight

[Hook: Dwele]

[Verse 3: T3]
Now we in eight
Reachin the climax ya feelin so relaxed
Take you to another place, lay you on ya back
Ya body's tremblin girl you feelin so right
Repeated actions turn the moonlight into daylight
We watch the sunrise onto step nine
Breakfast in bed with cherries and some chilled wine
With the windows cracked open feel a slight wind
I take my time as we ease into step ten

[Verse 4: Elzhi]
Believe when my only reasons for this hon'is pleasin
Stickin my keys in your ignition
Ya screamen eleven semen like big fun
We even we both skiin and just cum
Ya screamin and I semen and we get done
We leavin the next evenin events come
You ? and we head to sweden you can get some
We leavin at 12 to bring you back to just one

[Hook: Dwele]

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