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T-Y Martyr - Panda Remix lyrics

[Verse 1]
I got k**ers in the Norf, don't get spilt on your porch
We all wish for a porshe, and spit with a force
We lit like a torch
I load 30 clips in the hammer
My chopper clip go bananas
I swear I would sit in the slammer, do bids for my family
Not snitch on my grammy
G's is on my team n***a, they don't be on that judas sh**
So if you cross me or try to nail me
That's something that your crew should fix
Tired of k**ing sh** for free
And I'm about to make these n***as pay me
When I'm on the gra**, I'm getting choked up
Feeling like Katt Williams lately Treat my team like royalty, n***as scared to face the kingdom
My n***as been locked up so much, you would think they'd appreciate their freedom
But they take this sh** for granted, these n***as ain't ever grateful
They been in and out the cell more times than the Undertaker at a Wrestlemania
They ain't f**ing with T-Y, gotta tell em what I mean like
Give a n***a three dollars to the face
That mean a buck fifty on each side
f** with me wrong I'll knock his a** to another world
Put his b**h face on my magazine, now she's a cover girl

[Verse 2]
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Put a gift wrap on my dick when I give it to a bad b**h
She asked me why I got a bow on it, I tell her because its her gag gift
Styrofoam cup and a fat spliff, I'd hit the dab but I don't dab, b**h
Got a red 380 with a black grip
My b**h p**y pinker than Patrick
n***as think they got bars like me
I'll k** your whole tape with my adlibs
I be fire, wait for ReT-YtleD it's dropping soon on datpiff
I'm so AFMB, that's anything for my brothers, b**h
They live for me so I die for them
Ain't no inbetween for no others b**h
I'm a Norf-Sida n***a with Glocks and them choppers
Pop off your noggin then hop in the Honda
Thankful that I am not one of them guys
I be the truth every one of them lies
I'ma glo' up like the sun in the sky
187 with 357 on 227, b**h numbers don't lie
Keep a gun on my thigh, plus a ton in my ride
Shoutout Pierre and shout out Dvine
f** with my brothers, you outta your mind
Cashlete the team and I'm proud of the grind
First we rain, then we break through the clouds t'il we shine Step up, I let the automatic pop
I drag an opp, until his neck snap and pop
Don't open up that window, it's only cracked, so knock
I got that antidote in it like Travi$ $cott

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