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T-Wayne - Beautiful lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I must admit it that you the baddest
If I had the world in my palms I wouldn't mind letting you have it
Lately we been taking it slow like we're gone off the Actavis
I'm just tryna be on point, make sure that we're accurate
With everything, baby girl you perfect
I know that you been working, get it with a purpose
Baby you the piece that I been missing, the gift to my Christmas
The sun to my summertime, the wish to my wishlist
I know that they been talking but you never ever listen
They ain't paying for you to pay attention
So you don't pay attention, you just foc-ing on your living
And I can tell you get it, body looking terrific
And you can be explained in so many words
Like a racetrack your body got the perfect curves
Plus you beautiful, if I had you all to myself
The things that I would do to you
Plus you kept it real with me so I must keep it true to you
I'm really digging you, I really love it when we make up
You the baddest, with or without the make up
Every day's your birthday, I swear you always caked up
Kinda like a calendar, I just want to date you

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You're beautiful, yeah you're beautiful
Just want you to know
You're beautiful, no matter what they say
Just as long as you know
You the baddest in the whole town, no matter what they say
Just don't let em bring you down
You know I got your back even when I'm not around
Cause you the baddest in the whole town
You the baddest

[Verse 2:]
Once upon a time we had some issues
It was just some minor things that we had to get through
I promise I would never put your trust into misuse
I know that you been missing me and I swear that I miss you
You strong hearted, going the hardest, regardless
Where you started, you go the farthest
Putting effort into everything, no matter what it is
You strive to be the best, nothing less than a queen
I'm tryna be the king, and I know you been through a lot
Started from the bottom but you ain't to far from the top
Get it how you give it baby, give it all that you got
You shining in the darkest spots, I'm just saying

[Hook x2]

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