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T-Rock - Chopper Step lyrics


[Hook: T-Rock]
You n***as shouldn't got me started, started
Must've forgot who they were sparin' with, sparin' with
I shoot to k**, I don't watch it, watch it
To me you just a movin' target, target
Looks like to me a n***a too scared, too scared
When i duck and I move left, move left, then I move right, move right
You can call that the chopper step, chopper step
Y'all wanna do it but watch your step, watch your step

[Verse 1: T-Rock]
You don't really wanna make enemies with me, if you do you been that b**h
It's that KKK, That k**er of black kind, a n***a know skin head sh**
I don't give a f** about the enemy if they got a [?] put it against me, i'll put em in the gla** bro!
Fake a** n***as, and ho's, you wanna k** yo' self like Fidel Castro
If you don't DEF-CON, I will apply, tip those guys for the rye, hit a n***a in the body, with a [?] shoot off a [?] tip off a nine
But i won't, cause i don't g**n
Ain't no sympathy in my brain frame
Take any [?] maintain
I got blood all on my hands, god all on my continence, Satan after my soul but he can't have it boy i promise
Got that word off of my pockets, hits the [?] in my drawers n***a, [?] don't hit the site, [?] take off n***a
I'm sick of being oppressed and depressed n***a, smoke the f** out of a [?] get wrecked
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Check that [?crypt?] [?] n***a might have to punch yo' neck
I'm bossed up in this ho, y'all n***as [?] but this first n***a say my name in a rap, gonna give him a talk and [?]

[Hook: T-Rock]

[Verse 2: Haveknotz(?)]
b**h I end it

[Verse 3: Haveknotz(?)]
Suited up or boarded up [?]
I never had a problem with anybody [?]

[Hook: T-Rock]

[Verse 4: Haveknotz(?)]

[Verse 5: Haveknotz(?)]
f** you and f** [?] anyone with the sh**s, schizophrenic up in this b**h
I send anyone you flinch, hit with a [?] or a hammer, any motherf**er repeatative [?] knocked out, knocked out
Dropped dead, you socked out
[?} you know how it's goin down, meet me in my stompin grounds
I am the [?] Rock Solid, b**h please, don't get me started, b**h please, don't get me started

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