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SykoCutter - Our Love lyrics

[Verse: 1]

Our love is important, you know that you're gorgeous, your heart is enormous, and you know that you're more than, worth anything else that I can explain, when I told you how I felt, I was shy and afraid, but as I'm writing this page, something inside of my brain, says it's meant to be, it'll guide me the way, in the right direction, where I was destined, you deserve love and my protection, you took my breath away you were like perfection, my skin turned white with a light complexion, it wasn't well to ignore, that I fell to the floor, because I've never seen a woman so angelic before, as time goes by, before my own sight, I know I've never seen anything like those eyes, I'm filled with freedom and peace, because frequently, you've been stealing my heart, you own a peace of me
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[Verse: 2]

The first day we met, I knew from the start, immediately, I could just shoot for your heart, even though those other guys, blew it apart, I'll give you what you want because you are in charge, I'll make sure that nobody's doing you harm, I'll make sure you no when I'm through with these bars, you're amazing, somebody that no one is replacing, the very moment we met, my heart was racing, conversating, as were connecting greatly, I know that my feelings will never be changing, together every moment, my love, I show it, if we ever seperated my life would be hopeless, and my heart would be broken, I think you should notice, my pa**ion is so deep at each minute I flow this

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