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SykoCutter - So original lyrics

[Verse 1: SykoCutter]

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I come through tearing everything up when I'm placed up on the track, and I really make an impact, and you're confrontation won't last, as I get up on the track and I am attackin' the rhythm, and I'm slicing everything with such a savage precision, and accurate vision, there isn't anyone rappin' specific, that can even step to this pedestal, I'm mad and horrific, whenever I'm stabbin' these sitches, and I'm back in an instant, I'm leaving their limbs all cut off as I stash 'em in fridges, so hypocritical, and unbearable, taking shots like a barrel's full, then you know that I'm scarin' fools, damage is unrepairable, k**in' tracks without intervals, sick with flows
It's admissible, irresistible, so original, compositional

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