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Sydny August - Lost lyrics

Verse 1 (Checots)

Dim lit rooms and these college dorms
Feels like I'm trapped and I'm wanting more
The moneys chill but man f** the whores, The fans are what I'm really aiming for
All my life I been asking myself, why the hell do I wanna be known so bad?
Is it just to make me feel accomplished
Or is it just to make me not feel sad?
It. Feels. Like. There's a bullet. Bouncing round in my head and ill be dead in 2 seconds If I can't escape this depression, they said it's just a lesson
But I feel that's it's overdue
I'm praying to nothing that it's over soon
Why the f** would anyone wanna sign you?
How does anybody start something? The vast majority have to start from nothing. Everybody's gotta start by jumping, into the water, start the bubbling, you have your goal, time to hunt it, tell yourself one day you'll be bumping, forget the sh** just make due and flush it, cuz all that matters in the end is if you love it

We Lost
In the Ocean
We lost
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Back and forth we go, Oceans, back and forth we go, Oceans

Verse 2 (Double G)
It's way too hard to cross an ocean where the boat have broken
Mixed emotions after toking when I opened I was choking
Still trying to find myself, i can't keep feeling down
Keep trying to jump out this funk but my feet won't leave the ground
My head keeps spinning man I gotta break out this maze
Hit the studio to ease to mind, gotta make, these hits for days
And I'm never gonna leave but I'm tryna breath
Stiffen up the limp get the pain off my sleeve
I see the light at the tunnel, all the fame I'll achieve it's Double G!

Verse 3 (Checots)
So is it really that bad?
Or am I just going mad?
Why does every single mother f**ing god damn person that I've ever seemed to meet wanna grow up so fast
I don't wanna waste my life dude I just wanna rap
Forget the safe road getting filled you're a radiator cap
I understand that you need help feel free to cling to homies lap but don't be b**hing bout my choices when I make it off these raps

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